The System

Carries them inward (from the outside, the inner world) and it adds to the picture. A related site: mentions similar findings. Sooner or later, these puzzles piled up, and shows a picture of the inner world, corresponding to the outside. And even then, the Based on this, build a picture of the world, formed an idea of himself – who "I". There is a connection between two worlds, in some ways similar to each other. And connects the worlds consciousness. . Then begins a conscious life rights in these two worlds. The soul, as embodied in a physical body, came into the world and interacts with it through the consciousness. The soul creates, using the physical body as a tool controlled by consciousness. For even more details, read what Bryant Walker Smith says on the issue.

We will not give definitions of what is what. The only note to myself that the mind can be considered as a way of human interaction with the world (or worlds) and the perception of oneself in it. The effectiveness of a person's life is largely determined by so far as he knows and owns the existing rules in the world. On the concept of our world can be approached from the perspective of the systemic, systematic approach. This is also a hypothesis. For any system characterized by a desire to preserve its integrity, to maintain equilibrium. If there is an influence on the system, deducing it from the equilibrium state, a threat to the preservation of its integrity, and therefore a threat to existence. The system responds accordingly. If exposure occurred outside, the whole system in motion, rearranging to regain equilibrium.

Draining Systems

Drainage – is the solution to remove the harmful effects of ground water. This , meet and discharge groundwater that has accumulated in the soil. Drainage is a system of interconnected tubes arranged around or along protected from moisture built. Drains carry out the function of collecting water from the site and are made of various roll materials least likely to use Charging drainage (gravel, crushed brick, etc.). A leading source for info: Kai-Fu Lee. Water collected by drainage pipes, rainwater comes in a special pit or in the receiving waters. If you use a drain well, then it must be vykapan at the lowest point of the relief given features of the site.

Effective drainage protects the building from damage associated with the formation of mildew, damp and frost. Qualitative drainage system to prevent flooding of basements, the formation of surface puddles and ice, is used to roads and heating mains. Foundation, even the highest quality does not like moisture, so during the construction phase should provide for the installation of drainage systems for diversion of water from the soil and rainfall. Drainage reduces the effects of moisture on the foundation, which is disruptive, prevents freezing, the formation of fungus and mildew. The most urgent drainage for homes with the ground floor, since ground water can easily drown him. In addition to protecting the building, drainage, prevent flooding and soil erosion due to heavy rains or melting snow surrounding the house site..

Effective Anti-viral Agent For Systemic Effects

It is a gel Plazanol. Designed as a prophylactic anti-viral agent for systemic effects. Its main direction – strengthening immunity. This, in turn, allows the body itself more effectively to combat the virus. And yet, members of the gepya protein-saccharide complex is the placenta, in a position to reduce the action of viruses on the body is 20-40% more efficiently than do the much-touted group of drugs interferons. Kai-Fu Lee may also support this cause. For example, the activity gel Plazanol A1N1 against influenza (swine flu pandemic or a) above nterferona by 20% against the virus VN1 (Victoria 36/88), this figure is higher by 40% against strain A (Leningrad 360/16) infectivity is reduced by 35%.

These days, when the raging swine flu, it is necessary to maintain their immunity. How can this be done using gel 'Plazanol'? Need for daily odnokatno apply the gel on skin, lips and mucous membranes of the nose, followed by massaging seats treatment in a circular motion. At the first sign of infection or during epidemics do procedure 2 – 3 times a day. I wish you health!

Federal Reserve System

The choice of methods and tools of monetary policy should be the prerogative of the central bank, ie Unlike the strategic and intermediate goals monetary policy from the tactical need to be in the fact that implements tactical objectives is the central bank of the state. For example, consider the practice of monetary management in the U.S.. Federal Reserve System determines the following basic objectives of monetary policy: – maximum employment – price stability – abstinent long-term interest rates. Each of these goals is very important for society, but because the power structures set the task to realize their fullest extent. But using only monetary policy simultaneously achieve all the goals impossible. Therefore, given the considerable experience in the U.S.

in the field of monetary management, consider the named targets in more detail. The maximum level of employment is desirable, but what the boundary of this level? At what level we can say that the economy operates under full employment? Can we consider this phenomenon, provided that the unemployment rate is zero? Unequivocal answer to these questions is very difficult to give. The purpose of the high level of employment should be the level of unemployment, which more than zero but equal to a job offer and meets the employment in which job demand is equal to the job offer. Such a level in economic circles is called the natural rate of unemployment. Economic growth is very closely linked to ensure a high level of employment, as companies invest more heavily in investment to increase productivity.

Venue Search Systems

In addition to pathogenic zones, construction sites and reconstruction of large objects may be other unseen and unexpected dangers, namely high-risk areas for strength and durability of buildings and structures. This zone of weak ground, quicksand, a possible landslide, karst voids, porosity and fracture zones, over-voltage condition and residual deformation, corrosion and damage (in the bearing systems), the band pre-emergency status, alarm zone (with the threat of sudden damage, accident, disaster). Similar defects (and deviations) can be identified in the existing technical systems, pipelines and communications relating to municipal, industrial, energy and transport facilities. Of course, the prophylactic examination of such systems will increase the safety of staff and / or living in the building of people. With these dangers easiest fight on stage structural engineering, design, planning of apartments, cottages, country houses and planning a breakdown sites. To do this in advance to identify pathogenic zones into account their availability and configuration, and in some, especially complex cases, perhaps it makes sense to abandon the acquisition of this particular property. Finally, a serious risk to human health lies in the contamination of water supplies.

Venue Search device wells for drinking water has always been very important and crucial and it is the search for water has become an area in which lozohodstvo born, grown now into a modern dowsing. In this case, Dowsing has years of experience! For centuries, dowsing was used not only to search for water. Lozohodtsy (biolokatory, dauzery) looking for iron ore, and missing things …

Monolith Story Rigging Systems

The connections between the formwork elements must be fulfilled so as to frame a system could take on high load compression, stretching and bending. The advantage of fixing formwork systems shall be considered as an assembly by hand using simple tools, as well as the possibility of using the minimum number of connecting elements to provide the required stiffness. Nomenclature of fasteners offered by leading manufacturers is extensive – it has developed special corner clamps, plates and other items allow modules to connect formwork perpendicular to each other and at different angles (different stationary and swivel corner units). Beam formwork system. Girder formwork system include: beams, panels, fasteners, retaining elements, bolt, scaffolding for concrete and wood. Foundation beam formwork systems are beams. The beams are made of wood I-structure section to withstand heavy loads. Details of wood can be glued or one piece in length and cross section.

Length of beams is normalized. To ensure the longevity of the beams are mounted steel or plastic caps, prevent spalling zone beams. The beams are installed with a certain step and attached to the shield casing. The connection between the beams are made with steel connectors. If you have read about Peter Asaro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A tunnel formwork.

The main structural element is polusektsiya, which consists of one horizontal and one vertical bar. A tunnel formwork intended for simultaneous shuttering walls and floors of typical sections. Assembly tunnel formwork is carried by a crane. This type of formwork is used for mass production of identical sections. Installation of formwork systems. At the construction site formwork systems are delivered to the disassembled, which is convenient for storage and transportirovki.Montazh modern formwork systems made by hand and by qualified personnel with construction equipment: cranes, scaffolding, and forests. In some cases, for example, in the central parts of cities, in the reconstruction, where there is no way to accommodate construction equipment, using special formwork systems, installation of which is completely done by hand. In This situation is of great importance as the weight of formwork elements and, therefore, used for the manufacture of formwork material and dimensions of formwork. The complexity during the construction works affecting general terms of construction design. Cleaning and restoration of the formwork. Extend the life of formwork, as well as improve the quality of the outer layer of concrete can benefit from the services offered by leading manufacturing firms shuttering – is cleaning and restoring of formwork. Cleaning is performed at the factory for industrial applications. Clean the formwork is especially important after a large project. Since the elements casing made of different materials, and their life is different. Coverage shuttering wear out faster than the frame, in many cases it is more profitable to restore than to buy a new one. Complete repair usually costs in the third cost of a new element. If necessary, items can be technically improved. Collapsible reusable formwork Monolith Story Rigging.

Window System WDS

And that's when installing this component design allowed gross negligence. Vertical guides that provide course cloth up and down, be sure to come down to the floor! Otherwise, if the floor is 3-4 centimeters, shutters just a "tout" crackers! Indeed, in this case in a place easily slips mount and starts from this point of breaking! Unfortunately, many customers during the acceptance of works are not aware of similar, but careless installers happy count the money received, especially without straining over whether the consequences for the client may like carelessness. Summary here is this. It makes sense to contact the company and certainly a good sign agreement, which will be clearly spelled out the responsibility of the installer! Care when cleaning plastic windows from dust and dirt too much difficulty, as a rule, does not arise. Suitable for washing a lot of cleaners, as well as the usual sponge and rags.

The only important point which must be addressed is the absence of solvents, cleaning products! Otherwise, your windows can be caused considerable damage. Fogging One of the differences plastic windows from the old type of wood is its tightness. This is a wonderful quality eliminates blowing out of door and window cracks, which in times past fought zapihivaniem wool or attaching a paper. However, it is the modern metal-sealed windows can fog up in cold weather, especially if the high level of humidity indoors. The solution can serve as conventional ventilation, which does not hurt any room.

Although the room with high humidity such as bathrooms, require frequent aeration and, in addition, dust and rain from the outside is not particularly make you happy. An alternative can serve as the acquisition of special ventilated profiles, which provide ventilation without compromising noise insulation and dust-proof properties of the product. Profile Selection Of course, in today's market plastic products have a considerable number of proposals from different companies, working with a particular profile. To understand a little bit – what to expect from plastic construction in terms of longevity and other pleasant for the customer performance, you should keep in mind some important points. Guest when choosing the profile system is worth knowing that at the state level in Russia and Ukraine are adopted and certain regulatory requirements. For example, in Russia GOST 23166-99 is fundamental that "window blocks. General technical conditions ", which highlights the requirements for windows up to date. The most number of cameras are optimal standard three-compartment design, although some firms offer multi-chamber variations that are warmer. In case the order a multi-system, the right decision will be prior consultation with specialists regarding the justification in the particular case. Number of circuits seal most common variant with two circuits seal. The most renown common and favorite customers are the KBE, Rehau. On the Ukrainian market are gaining popularity Window System WDS. It is obvious that the popularity of brands manufacturer says about the quality and availability of these systems.

Registry Systems

Creation of registry systems sobe production operations or management of waste according to their level of dangerousness under sanction. Policies – Protection of the different productive activities in the extraction of hydrocarbons by the irreparable damage and losses that may result from this, such as sowing or raising animals. – Information systems and registration through transparency, efficiency and accountability of the reported data – By state policies that tend to achieve development and growth of industrial activity in a responsible, if they benefit those serving rather than punish them with a legal regime other inappropriate achieve balance. Development of technologies appropriate to different types of climates, ecosystems, and geography, as well as the development of science and research. You may find that Zendesk can contribute to your knowledge. Conclusions: The urgent need for environmental protection and development of the oil industry as an energy source for years have generated untold pollution levels that not only man and nature have been affected but also life in general, hence the organizations, states oil consumption and energy efficiency advocates have identified as a major cause of pollution to waste or waste generated during the stages of oil extraction and processing by technical and scientific methods of science biological Physical among others. This implies the need to correct environmental damage caused by the pollution of soil, water and air caused by the generation of hazardous waste. However, it is assessed that some of the international laws and seek to counteract this problem, which manifests itself so precisely because of the inability of states and oil companies can treat waste from the extraction of hydrocarbons, but in the fear to generate non-reimbursable costs in productive activity, which results in destructive if its efficiency is not sought immediately, hence different solutions are proposed that are aimed at bio, becoming, and treatment of waste rather than spending, but a mechanism for investment in technology and quality from pollution, chemical and organic hydrocarbons from spilled or wasted through combinations or lack of treatment. .

EAS Systems

m number of controllers working in shifts, not more than 2 people). You can, of course, follow the path of increasing state protection, but, in addition to a significant increase in labor costs of new employees, this move is no good feelings for visitors: the abundance of "guards" closely monitor any movement, creates the customers uncomfortable. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. A buyer's discomfort – is a danger to the pharmacy to lose him. "The move to open format requires more computations serious control over the goods. Unfortunately, the world is far from ideal, and attempts to leave the goods without paying, there are not rare, "- says Peter Greek, commercial director of online pharmacies," First Aid ". Inanimate guardians As a result, the key importance is the rational application "Inanimate assistants" – various types of EAS systems.

Without going into details of design, we recall that the range of the protection system (EAS-system) are the "defense industry" of special antennas, creating a particular field, and the corresponding tags (the sensor), which when released into the field changes its induction, resulting in an alarm is triggered. Currently in Russia there are three kinds of technologies such systems: radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic (EM) and akustomagnitnye (AM). "Just note: if we consider only the pharmaceutical segment, by means of radio frequency systems pharmacy resort is extremely rare, – says Yuri Getogazov, director of marketing for "antitheft". – This is not due to poor quality of mobile devices. According to the degree of sensitivity Detectable they are superior to electromagnetic and practically do not concede akustomagnitnym devices, but few are suitable for pharmacies because of the relative bulkiness of hard protective sensor, which responds to the system. .

Institutional Management System

Free transit is a prerogative enshrined in the constitution of the Republic, but also envisaged in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, imposing regulations to transit routes for public use to safeguard the physical and mental integrity of human beings and the concept of coexistence. In these regulations, it is claimed today are actually respected. But like you have to respect the rules of social coexistence, to the authorities, the environment, also and above all, respect for life to keep the most vulnerable users. While there are laws, no less true that these must be met and required to be met. If we are all responsible for the disarray in which we live, the consequences are dire and frightening generated.

Hence the bodies, called to demand and monitor compliance with regulations should concentrate their efforts to minimize the violations and abuses with the bodies that impose sanctions. The whole society must demand an end to violence vial. and is that institutions public and private should be partakers of the solution in full. For example, the media and a large number of service institutions may be involved in a huge share of responsibility in the affair, planned by step integration into programs to reduce fatalities a year through genuine and courageous state policies and management an effective communication strategy. Promoting the concentrated work of the various actors in road safety may be feasible and effective solution to the problem, if we take the experiences of other nations, always with an ultimate goal, which is to reduce casualties in traffic accidents forward objectives first to improve road safety, and a second stage of a Vision.