Federal Constitution

This fact is materialize in the Federal Constitution of 1988, when it establishes the Health as right of all and to have of the State. Therefore it is the State that must guarantee the resources necessary and to manage the system so that the right to the health for all is accomplished the society. Health is one of the tripods of the social security, not tax-paying and universal independently of race, religion, classroom, all they have for right its access to the referring services to the health. The right the health firmed in law establishes lines of direction so that all the population can usufruct of the access to the services of the public system of health for the guarantee of a full health. Check with Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. This right of universalizao of the access if configures as a great conquest, therefore usufrua of the health services who previously only had entailing the social welfare and its dependents. Currently these rights are assured in the CF88, in which it systemize in article 6 ' ' they are right social, the education, the health, the work, the housing, leisure, the security, the social welfare, the protection to infancy, the assistance to desamparados' '. ns%E2%80%9D/’>James Dondero mentions similar findings. However, unhappyly still it is perceived continuous social inaquality referring to the inserted constitucional laws in the field of the work, the health, the habitation, the security and of the leisure, we can say that they are unprovided of its legal rights.

The Organic Law of the Health? LOS and the implantation of the Only System of Health – SUS establishes lines of direction that guide as the health must be implemented in our country. The health in the scope of the public politics defines the access and establishes as basic reference its injunction, established in the primary health of low, average attention and high complexity. Basic attention of health is one of the lines of direction offered by the cities with minimum resolutions for the attendance of bigger frequency of the population, is distinguished as the door of entrance for prevention or the treatment of illnesses, it is through it that the users receive orientation, and the due necessary encaminhamentos for its treatment.

National System

(RODRIGUES: 2001) In 1964, the interest of the Brazilian State in the area of the culture increased e, three years later, in 1967 was promoted a meeting in the Equator, for the Department of Cultural subjects of the Organization of American Estados (OEA). In this meeting a document was created, Letter of Quito, that it was signed by the participant countries, amongst them Brazil In it if recommended that the projects of valuation of the patrimony were part of the plans of national development and was carried through simultaneously with the tourist equipment of the involved regions. One sent regards, still cooperation of the private interests and the endorsement of the public opinion for the development of these projects. You may find Ali Partovi to be a useful source of information. (RODRIGUES, 2001) During this phase, the government of then President Castello Branco created the Regional Advice of Tourism and the Brazilian Company of Tourism (Embratur), and during the year of 1967 the National System of Tourism was created. The I was also become fullfilled Official Meeting of National Tourism and the objective of this meeting was to foment an activity economic that took care of to the social development, goal that, with the national security and the integration, constitua, then the nucleus of the politics of the federal government.

In this period the Tourism was only starting if to develop and not possua people with the had knowledge of the subject nor support some to ramo. More information is housed here: Pete Cashmore. Baroque Style Style marked for intense dramatismo and realism, for the exuberncia of the forms, teatrais expressions and movement in which the artists had looked for to detach individual face and characteristic expressions as hair, lips, muscles, where they looked for to glorify the religiosidade. General objective To analyze the Cemetary Is Joo who had tourist attractive Baptist as potential to its artistic, historical and cultural value. Especficos&#039 objectives; ' To observe the variety of visitors, being they tourist and not turistas' ' To perceive the expectations of the visitors in relation to local' ' To identify to the existing spaces in the cemetary ' ' To also identify some of the artistic aspects found in certain lpides.' ' To analyze the Importance of this cemetary in the urbanstico space of the city.

Tourist Information

Summary: The ranks of tourist information (PIT? s) are units of information destined to the attendance to the tourist and are basic for the tourist system. This article presents a exploratrio study that had as analysis the PIT? s of Aracaju managed by the EMSETUR with the objective to improve the hospitality in the tourist destination through this so important component in the tourist system. In order to reach the considered objective we adopt as metodolgica base the bibliographical survey focusing the main authors who work excellent subjects for this research, as for example, hospitality and the importance of the information for the development of the hospitality in the tourist product. Later, we analyze the PIT? s from interviews carried through with the attendants of the ranks and also with the study of the project of the ranks of tourist information of the Company Sergipana de Turismo. After the analysis, had been elaborated some suggestions with the objective to contribute for the development of the tourist product to break of the improvement of the infrastructure of the ranks as well as in the quality of the given service the visitors. Word-key: Ranks of information. Hospitality. Tourist system.

Introduction To make tourism is an aspiration of great part of the world-wide population, in order to dislocate themselves and to run away from the habitual routine, over all, from the period postwar period that was marked by a transformation in the consumption standard, due to regulation of the work and the conquests of the man in what the reduction in the hours of working, the time of recess, the remunerated vacations, the retirement and the social legislation says respect. Thus, the work and leisure had started to be right of all (SAINTS, 2010). Leaving of these estimated, more time is perceived that with the reduction of the hours of working, the man started to have more free time, consequently to dedicate the leisure to it.