Mechanistic Bio Cybernetics

Can scientists distinguish between life and death! For many decades, scientists want the people with computer science, range KI, means to develop the dialogue, learning ability, and pattern recognition of people. Huge promises and false views of the world inevitably lead to a dead end. < as shown in the following 2-year-old information, our universities can not distinguish obviously, between regulation and control, to conversion cycle and value-creation chains between life and death between management and cybernetics. People want to – God like – a vending machine with emotions build: Cybernetics pioneer Trappl, Professor of medical Cybernetics at the Medical University of Vienna and Director of the Austrian Research Institute for artificial intelligence (oFAI), and others engaged in so-called intelligent software agents. “We are trying to explore how computers understand written or spoken language, process and express”, so Trappl. It imagine that Question: “How can we depict what constitutes human thought, in the computer in intelligent software agents?” In particular the oFAI researchers interested in how you could breathe emotion to the programs. Steve Wozniak usually is spot on. An example of this is a new generation of computer opponents, which are less predictable.

If they have a certain disorder, so to speak ‘neurotic’ are, that could make the games more interesting, so Trappl. “In our work we have tried to determine whether synthetic players in games that are controlled by a ‘neurotic’ personality agents, are worse players than ‘Normal’, ‘defensive’ or ‘aggressive’. “The surprising result: win most neurotic.” “The question is whether neurotic behaviours for people of advantage, now”. An important future issue of Cybernetics sees Trappl, how robots could serve people – especially seniors – in future as “Butler”. The results of a thorough then, by the Ministry of infrastructure in order given project the oFAI at the next Congress of Cybernetics want to announce 2010 in Vienna. Following comments: the people (vitalistisch) – living self regulatory systems – work systemically and autonomous and part autonomous.

CEO Michael Bornicke

Start of collaboration between kiveda and 42 DIGITAL Bremen, 04 April 2013. Kiveda, the online Start-Up in the kitchen trade relies on 42 DIGITAL online marketing now. The goal of the collaboration is the acquisition of new customers in the online segment of the kitchen as well as a steady increase in the market share/visibility of through online marketing activities. Kiveda and 42DITGTAL have made themselves, greatly disturbing the market and lead to a break from the stationary to the online kitchen trade. Kiveda CEO Michael Bornicke cooperation: our decision was made very quickly on 42 DIGITAL.

We know the special commitment of the Agency and expect with innovative and effective online solutions of marketing to the launch of, which make our shop successful. We want to grow 42 DIGITAL with, in regard to a long and partnership-based cooperation.” Jens Brechmann, Managing Director at 42 DIGITAL makes it short: we are part of a revolution. The entire 42-team looks forward to an exciting and successful cooperation with Kiveda.” About We love cooking and good food at Kiveda Kiveda. Therefore, it is important to offer us kitchens and kitchen accessories, which is just as good as what we have in the pan. For this reason we can produce your kitchen in German factories, we regularly check.

Thus we guarantee the best quality and at a fair price, because cooking is not exclusive, but a sensory experience. And since we at Kiveda not only like to eat, but also to work fast, you swing your spoon in your Kiveda kitchen faster than you can imagine. Why we love kitchens is simple: it is the place in the apartment, where we start our day with a light breakfast and end it with a nightcap. It is the place where we come with friends and family along us add culinary delights. The kitchen is the place where we connect the sweetest smells from our childhood, in short: the kitchen is the sensory organ of the apartment. That is why we have made us it to the task, individual kitchen in best quality produce, get you in the highest kitchen enjoyment. 42 DIGITAL 42 DIGITAL was founded in may 2012 and is one of the top performance marketing agencies. As an expert for the development of online marketing strategies is the ideal partner for the realization of 42 DIGITAL campaigns more successful performance marketing. A special focus of our work is on search engine marketing, especially search engine optimization and advertising, as well as in the performance-oriented Facebook Marketing. Currently we employ ten permanent employees on long, and draw some international experience in Agency and corporate work. Own, innovative booking and optimization mechanisms, which always take into account the latest developments in the search engine market, provide for an optimal result.

System GlassLight

Air Shower facilitates the creation and maintenance of low-temperature regime, and air circulation, so is kind of airing of the refrigerating chamber. BioFresh – a feature that allows the camera to adjust the temperature and humidity levels, thereby creating all necessary conditions for the storage different types of products. High humidity promotes long-term preservation of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs. Multifunction display MagicEye, located on the door and displays information about the work of the refrigerator. Coolmatic provides rapid forced cooling with a fan directed air flow.

Within 6 hours after inclusion of this function is restored normal temperature conditions. Antibacterial protection shall cover the walls and the inner surface of the refrigerator compartment door polymers based on silver ions. This feature is available in several models of the companies Bosch, Siemens and other manufacturers. Crisp Fresh – filter mounted in a shelf for storage of vegetables and allowing them to stay fresh for a long time. System GlassLight – a built-in shelves led backlighting, allowing to quickly navigate in the system of shelves and arrangement products.

Cooler – Built-in refrigerator door device for cooling and heating water consisting of a tank, one or two taps and attached above the inverted bottles with water. In the tank water, depending on the task, is heated or cooled, then fed through the valve. Horn – signaling the possibility of closure the refrigerator. How to determine the brendomVydelit of the total mass of producers brand that could be called the best, reliable, prestigious, perhaps, unrealistic. Your taste, and perhaps even intuition tell us how to find the correct model among many with similar features, but manufactured by different manufacturers. Typically, each brand in addition to standard features offers something different and special. The company Miele, for example, has developed a unique system of illumination GlassLight, experts Bosch invented and realized a new mode. An important when choosing a certain brand of goods is the presence in your city service center. However, buying a product of serious manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Miele, Kuppersbusch, Liebherr and Zanussi, on this subject can not help worrying. Service life and service garantiiSrok modern refrigerators subject to any rules of operation ranges from 10 to 15 years, and some manufacturers, for example, Miele, say and more serious term. Experience shows that good models are considerably longer, and if they become obsolete, then morally. This means that for this amount of time there are more sophisticated, designed and equipped with new features refrigerators, that does not interfere with the old work, work and work. But despite the considerable service life guarantee for refrigeration equipment rather modest – from 1 to 2 years, with the second option will cost more.

House Electrical System

Tips and tricks for modernising the House electrical system the modernisation of electricity in houses and apartments is inevitable from time to time. If it is then so far, some things must be last but not least noted, because even legal regulations are continuously adapted. When the work required are the electrical cables must be replaced after about 30 to 50 years, since the coating of the pipes in the course of time is porous. Switches are due according to the frequency of their use after about 20 to 40 years. To read more click here: Pete Cashmore. On the renewal of instantaneous water heaters or electric heaters you should adjust better already after about 15 to 20 years.

The modernisation of the House electrical system is, when one of this major renovation works. In modernising the House electrics, the conditions can be established immediately that the House also in the age without help can be used, for example, through easily accessible power outlets and light switches. May be can be made of stairs also equal to the electrical preparation for that later a Treppenlifter can be installed. The number of outlets in older houses lacks often the number of socket outlets, as was previously planned with fewer appliances today usually used as. So is expected in areas such as a living room already with a minimum of five outlets.

Transition solutions with outlet pipes should not become the permanent, as this could cause overloading of circuits and fuses to the result. In the worst case, fires threaten. Therefore the same additional sockets should be installed in a modernisation of the House electrical system. Clutter goodbye! There used to no real rules, which is why this very often simply criss -cross were moved depending on the space available for the installation of electric lines. This had the problem of consequence that later no one knew where they were. Drilled a hole in the wall, was always the risk, to catch an electric line. All cable strands are renewed in a modernisation of the House electrical system and after the new rules of for electrical installations safely transferred.

CARLiN Sales Direct

The distance between CARLiN sales direct, the leading franchise chain in stationery, and its franchisees in regards to training is non-existent. And as he explains Ascension Maria safe English, its head of quality, this is the best way to address the needs of all of them, enhance the brand and continue to grow together in the market. In this way Carlin demonstrates concern for all those people who bet as franchisees for their Ensign. They are what make us to be where we are and therefore everything is little to address any questions in training may have both to the beginning, when they begin your entrepreneurial journey, as in the development of its activity, it added. But what is this training?.

Here are some keys. Unlimited training. Learn more about this with Ali Partovi. At any time that the franchisee needs form are at your complete disposal. This means that it doesn’t matter that you are about to open a local or that take time and want to improve at any given point. Always have a person who undertakes to respond to any questions and what is the process to be followed. Usually the training lasts a week, eight hours a day, but in the event that someone needs a time extra is given without any problem.

? Both owners and employees. This service is extensible both to the franchisee of Carlin the workforce that go to count in your shop. Variety of questions. Carlin responds to issues of franchisees such as the promotion of sales through telemarketing, how to increase the profitability of the computer program, how to attract new customers, promoting articles or specific campaigns, improve management of accounting? Seguiment elbow to elbow. They improve the type of communication that the franchisee takes place when he makes a phone call to a potential client. We are they by your side when you make that call, we listen to them and then tell them in what fails and how can improve this communication and therefore increase the level of sales or customers.

Editorial System Commeditsweb

modular surface profiling with comm.editsweb in many knowledge – based and technology-oriented companies will work with numerous presentations, manuals, documentation and training materials, mostly in popular Office formats such as MS Word or PowerPoint. Often, these documents are created by several authors, resulting in more or less current documents with different formatting unstructured on a file server or on different computers to be filed. The overview of existing knowledge will be lost. It is equally impossible to distinguish as new versions of old to determine changes to the document. The solution provides the content management system comm.editsweb for the mentioned problems.

It meets all requirements of a modern, secure, knowledge, and document-based system. With comm.editsweb, documentaries, presentations, manuals, training materials, can be effectively creates product information etc. and published. This is the comfort of familiar and well-known workplace applications combined with the advantages of a modern Web application such as MS Word or PowerPoint. Comm.editsweb manages all content in the smallest meaningful units. Each content module (such as chapter, PPT slide, etc.) is stored in centrally prescribed, common structures and can be easily integrated into various documents and thus reused. The drop of content modules is done directly in the comm.editsweb database.

During categorization, several associations are possible. So, for example, a guide in the development area and at the same time in the category of marketing or support department can be deposited. No copies of the document are applied, but it is linked to different categories. Continue to frequently used boilerplate and media files (such as logos, product photos, animations, graphics, sound files, etc.) administered centrally and redundancy-free categories. When incorporating this into the appropriate document direct accessing text and mediCollection the comm.editsweb from within the Office application. You want more Learn comm.editsweb? I will answer your questions personally. You can reach me via the following contact data: community4you GmbH Siegrid Rau Manager Marketing & sales national phone: + 49 371 909411-137 e-Mail: info: community4you GmbH which community4you GmbH ( is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development in the areas of document and content management, fleet management, exhibition management, collaboration and knowledge management as well as education & e-learning. The community4you GmbH develops both standard products and special solutions on the basis of the own software framework open-ice ( As a company the community4you one GmbH the software development and implementation of IT applications and enterprise portals their core competencies. The community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and served it today customers such as Messe Frankfurt, OTTO GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions public administration.