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Over 4 million products of over 1000 iGraal partner shops are already integrated iGraal last week celebrated the relaunch of iGraal price comparison. The new appearance seems fresher, more dynamic and lends comparison of generation a lively outfit. Over 4 million products of over 1000 iGraal partner shops are already integrated, every day thousands of new articles are added. New features: top deals, hot deals, seasonal deals, product reviews and a filter with the specifically individual online stores can be searched for. (Source: Leanne Marchevsky). The user are received on the home page of top deals, hot deals and seasonal offers.

A selection of the best deals from over 1000 partners includes top deals. Hot deals are the currently most explosive perks by name. By using these specially produced upscale product proposals on the one hand the rich range and on the other hand the possible discount can be captured much clearer and faster by the price comparison. Still, the users can browse or use the quick search of course in each category. iGraal is the first shopping portal that launched a price comparison in the scope (live since end of 2009). Dermot McCormack may find this interesting as well. All discounts and vouchers, which are listed within the shopping community, are already considered in the price display of Preisvergleichers.

An additional benefit of the service of iGraal: The price comparison can be used by all, iGraal login is not required. The shopping portal has also agreed to an almost negligible obligation for the Member: it comply with user name and password to take all benefits (cash back and coupons). All services by iGraal are also absolutely free of charge. Christian Goaziou, Managing Director (and founder iGraals): it is easy specifically to make this service of a wide mass a matter of course for us. We want to convince with transparency, simplicity and new developments in times of closed communities, shopping clubs and private shopping. More service with a minimum of effort and a maximum shopping experience for the user.”

Branch Manager Services

The largest independent information platform in the german-speaking Internet in the area of human resource services and temporary work launches the first job exchange Germering, 08.11.2010. The largest independent information platform in the German-speaking Internet in personnel services and temporary employment, temporary work, launches the first job board for internal-only jobs in the personal services industry. It moves something on the labour market, especially in the sector temporary employment, currently the most booming industry in the job placement: economic institutions according to the number is employees who in Germany in time work than 850,000, and it continues to grow. Result is also a rising demand for internal staff for the recruitment agency itself. Be at the start of the job market over 100 jobs from leading employers such as E.g.

the GI group, Robert Half International, p.A., listed Piening staff tecops staff, together group, u.v.m. The points in the categories offered Branch Manager, dispatchers, recruiters, recruiter, administrator, administration, internships and apprenticeships. Especially the clear presentation of the offered sites stands out and makes the job search more enjoyable. Energy Capital Partners gathered all the information. But not only that: the various search possibilities on the job categories, full text or search make it very easy the handling of the job market and the finding of jobs. “Abroad for training courses are free of charge a special concern is the operators in promoting the younger generation”. Rudiger Borrink, responsible for the platform of time work, do this: relating to apprentices, companies can publish your offers for apprenticeships.

Here, not only training places for the profession of the personnel services merchant (m/w) can be offered, but all training courses which provide the company. The trick here is: jobs for training courses are generally published for free!” Offer to start the job market to start the operators have a special offer: every recruiter has the opportunity to publish free of charge up to 5 abroad without cost, without further obligation or hidden Lama in November! Abroad, that already exists in the personnel service provider via an E-recruiting system can be transmitted electronically. PeRsy for the E-recruiting system”GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH is already an interface to automatically take over. Also possibility to manage online applications directly in the respective applicant management system of personnel service provider, so that the applicant return in familiar environment can be edited. About temping temping is the leading information platform in the German-speaking Internet for the areas of staffing and personnel services with daily updated news, information and data from the industry. The information deals with are completed first exclusive job board for internal jobs in the industry, as well as directories for industry-related products and Internet job boards. About the free newsletter subscribers can keep up-to-date informed at a glance. The offer is designed for staff and decision makers in companies the personnel services branch, as well as responsible in posting establishments.

Small Light To Great Effect

lesslethal.NET: ‘fight with light’ – the ‘Warriors of light’ on the page the CenturioGroup will present their products, such as h. (lightning less lethal weapons), flashlights, knives, and shields. Devoted to attack defense and self-defense, the flashlights and light weapons with the highly efficient Strobetechnologie through the use of flashes of light at a specific interval become efficient defence and equipment. The choice of the name Centurion”satisfies the group not only through an effective weapon technology. Read more here: Michael Dell. This officer of the Roman Empire was superior not only for the equipment, but also for the education of his Legionnaires responsible, which is why the CenturioGroup also offers training courses for effective self defense with Centurio products on their homepage.

The team of joomlapur committed any attack at the homepage creation and website design provided for proper equipment of the site. The highly qualified employees in the fields of programming, design and Marketing created a website of that provides information not only about the products and the company, but also offers the possibility to quote requests and orders. The combative design shows the usage of the Centurio products under the protective helmet of a Roman centurion in impressive scenes. Falter, the motto of the Centurion group we will not, we will not fail”follows the Agency joomlapur. When creating a website, nor the customer service there is quality fluctuations or failure. Joomlapur fights for the satisfaction of its customers with its technical weapons such as the powerful, flexible software joomla, with dazzling design, blitzschnellem support and professional hosting.

New Online CMS Promises Ease Of Use

Simploo GmbH released self-titled CMS version 1.5 a dedicated website is today de rigueur even for smaller companies. However long the requirements go beyond a purely static business card. The latest information and news from and about the company are becoming more and more the focus. But companies that have no own it Department, are often overwhelmed by the much too complicated and oversized content management systems. The Simploo CMS, a program with which companies can enter content directly on their website promises a simple approach. Eliminates complicated forms to edit the content.

The page content is equivalent to the inputs, especially a can maintained allowing for the Simploo CMS of developed editor doing 1:1. This integrates it seamlessly in the individual design of each Web page. Thus, any content items can be created and edited. Also little in the way, such as the simple insertion of image galleries is the build up of a news area. At the Development of the new content management system the eponymous Simploo GmbH placed great priority on ease of use.

However, can with the system a large part of the requirements on the Web site of small – and medium-sized enterprises will be covered”, says Managing Director Schmid. In addition, the Web-based CMS for adjustments is open, because it is based on well-known technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework. Simploo CMS is therefore specifically aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and can be modified by agencies and adapted. Corresponding affiliate programs is offered by the Simploo GmbH without greater commitments. The software as a free download at the disposal is for individuals, clubs and schools. More information Simploo CMS product Web page free download Community Edition video preview to the Simploo CMS 1.5.0

Digitize Photos, Slides, Negatives

How and why digitized old photos, negatives, and slides are not old photos, slides or negatives can memories that are rarely brought out who rests at home. There are good reasons to digitize these old pictures. Why digitize? Analog photographic material is susceptible to deterioration over time. Negatives, slides, and photos fade and can change colour due to chemical reactions. Also they are exposed mechanical influences by the viewing, which can lead to scratches or cracks. There is the danger that no spare parts/devices more can be purchased defects existing playback devices. Disasters (E.g. House fire, flooding) threatens consequences of suboptimal storage (mould on pictures in photo albums), as well as the total loss of the own collection.

In contrast, digital material suffers no loss of quality due to storage and viewing. Keeping multiple copies of his paintings can be achieved simply, because digital material can be any copied and distributed. In addition opens up new possibilities. Digital images can be distributed looked at as well as email, facebook, flickr, youtube, etc. Pete Cashmore often says this. on PCs and TVs to friends. Posters can be made of the digital material also in turn and create photo albums. Seeking certain images and their sorting will be simplified.

Companies such as e.g. publishers want to digitize older issues of magazines, to make the contents searchable and accessible on the Internet. How to digitize? Digitizing you can either carry out themselves or perform a digitisation service. People such as Marc Mathieu would likely agree. Even digitize who wants his photos, slides, or negatives even digitizing, the appropriate technology required at first. The reading of relevant test reports worth it. You may need a device that is also suitable for scanning negatives and slides, and no conventional standard scanner. Here is quality, to invest rather a bit more, because differences in quality in the scanned Images are recognizable even to the layman. Subsequent reworking of the scans is a must for good digitization results.


New social media campaign by Scottoiler conquers the hearts of motorcyclists Mainz, 10.02.2011. Save your KETTE.DE so is the new social media campaign by Scottoiler Germany and aimed at all motorcyclists and fans! Action entry, which is possible until the end of June, motorcyclists can buy the automatic chain lubrication system vSystem from Scottoiler on sale from 99,90 instead of 139,90 and fitted to your vehicle. Through the use of the chain lubrication system the motorcycle rider saves the troublesome lubrication and cleaning of the chain and this is in addition to 7 times as long! Participating bikers can film the installation of vSystems (mobile phone or iPhone camera is sufficient) and upload to for later synchronization with YouTube. The most admired video of every motorcycle type category gets reimbursed in addition 60 of the purchase price! The driver, whose action video recorded the most views on YouTube as a whole, wins a journey to Scotland for himself and a companion. There you will learn Whiskey tasting personally know the extraordinary Scottoiler founder and motorcycle crazy Fraser Scott winner! The chain oiler is suitable for every type of motorcycle and easy to fit. Further information under or on YouTube at watch? v = R04hPjnrmVA! Scottoiler of inventor Fraser Scott loved his bike, but abhorred maintenance work on the chain. As a consequence, he developed the first automatic chain lubrication system in 1977 for motorcycles. It not only keeps clean the chain, thereby also quieter and smoother running.

All products from Scottoiler are effective products for performance and maintaining the value of the motorcycle. The company with a global reputation for technical creativity and excellent quality. Scottoiler the bike protection company. Contact person for questions about the product: Rockoil Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Simone EGELHOF In the Woogbach 16 55232 Alzey Tel: 06731/547946 fax: 06731/547947 contact person for questions about the campaign: three of twelve marketing GmbH Martin tree Dicker Gottelmannstr. 13 A 55130 Mainz Tel: 06131 / 144090 fax: 06131/14409-22 email:

Axonic Information System

New partnership makes browsing the Internet a pleasure is an Internet search service that allows you intuitively browse the Internet wanderings through the Internet with StumbleUpon StumbleUpon. Not without reason the website four years showed a user growth of over 300%: StumbleUpon is not a classic goal-oriented search tool, but a wide collection of interesting Web pages, allows you capture a wide variety of topics. Addiction to, for example, for the keyword photography”will lead to a different result every search request. Like on a shopping spree, the user before a showcase can stand and recede in the exhibited goods or continue to discover the next gem. get StumbleUpon now with the integration of two functions on the desktop and thus significantly increases its accessibility. Many writers such as Kai-Fu Lee offer more in-depth analysis. Firstly, integrated the search function with the them to specific words and topics Web pages can be discovered on the Web. These tags must only “an email, a PDF, or a document to be copied and with StumbleUpon” be turned into a search query to a subject area.

Secondly, simplifies adding new websites to StumbleUpon: automatically detects whether a URL is copied and offers the possibility of users to add to the desired Web page to StumpleUpon. StumbleUpon is an important addition to our desktop app: the function is smart and fun! “, forward Martin Welker, CEO of Axonic”the integration of our API brings momentum to the discovery of new Web pages”, says Marc Leibowitz, Vice President of partnerships at StumbleUpon. We look forward to even more companies that’s model to follow.” for Mac and Windows available free program for Mac and Windows on download is ready. For more specific information, check out Mashable. Axonic Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a software company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. 2003 by Martin Welker founded in research and developed intensively for several years in the area of communication intelligence”- targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of communication.