Finanzberatung AG

The app for the iPhone Berlin, October 6, 2010 – with the free newsreader”delivered the latest information of leading news portals under the headings politics, register, qualification and documentation directly on the iPhone for the iPhone. Ali Partovi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Financial institutions can thus go keep insight about the current discussions about the regulation of the capital market. The information provided by the newsreader, can be forwarded via eMail to colleagues and staff. In addition, it is possible to access directly from the message out on the online message on the home page. Easy handling is enabling the user. Financial service providers are travelling a lot and want to be well informed. Our app for the iPhone now allows always to the point of being informed”reports Wolfgang Kuckertz, CEO of GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG. The free newsreader provides also news of the GPC law legal advisory GmbH, as well as GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG. The app is now available for free download in the app store ready:….

Online Fitness Shop

Health consciousness and the trend to more exercise and fitness significantly increased business of a modern online fitness stores in recent years. Each online fitness shop has recognized this development for themselves and looking for new ways to fund a competitive advantage and to expand. A service-oriented customer orientation is of course at the heart of all considerations. The customer and his wishes are the focus of the efforts. Each online fitness shop owner knows that only a satisfied customer in the long term can remain a customer and sometimes is. Mikkel Svane will not settle for partial explanations.

The ability to see the own online fitness shop with the eyes of the customers and to move thus the consumers and its satisfaction at the heart of trade and doing is crucial here. It is here important that, for example, the introduction of new products from the online fitness shop itself is initiated, but the customer himself suggests the online fitness shop to be introduced new products through appropriate instruments. In this respect is ensured. that the new article actually meet the taste of the customers and that the online fitness shop deals only with the projects, from which you can move a real benefit from a customer perspective. Customer loyalty is achieved at any online fitness shop not only actionism and theoretical projects, but the online fitness shop must master the even a variety of instruments, to occur at the end compared to the consumers as a well tuned orchestra. These are important instruments for example appealing and true advertising concepts, continuity and consistency in the action planning and launch, a co-ordinated range – and pricing policy from the perspective of the customer, fast replying to complaints and complaints as well as the immediate action by customer, customer ideas and customer reviews. Of course, every online fitness shop operator also experienced that when the initiation of projects and products of the question after the impact on consumers late will be. Therefore, the modern online fitness shop for everyone is Launch of new always conscientiously must ask: really, it serves the customers?

Greetsiel Edition

The cultural indicators for the North District returns as open citizen portal. After a complete overhaul, the culture indicator appears again as independent region ALB log for Ostfriesland NOR A on the Internet. In the foreground, citizen journalism is for the residents and the visitors with particular interest for the region in the Northwest. NOR A was North, who supplied the area between Greetsiel and Esens, between Norderney and the Brokmerland in the Internet as well as a free newspaper in the spring of 2012 as a cultural indicator for the historic district. The printed edition had to be adjusted due to the high cost of printing and postal distribution, but it continued in the Internet.

Last fall came with the Edition NOR A”add a new task field: books for the North District. One appeared in the debut of the Brookmerlander herbal Witch of ten East Frisian wild and medicinal herbs, that at the beginning of the year already went in the Second Edition. On the other hand, Werner Hessing in the Edition NOR A issued the father stories North”out with moving stories of difficult family relations. After the long winter, the site was completely redesigned to end of March. NOR A took a lot of encouragement North in the district”, Editorial Director Timo Schneider explains. For more information see Kam VedBrat. Many citizens here want an independent local reporting, which they can participate.” Especially small initiatives had it very difficult to get a place in the newspaper columns with their messages and event dates. Read more here: Robotics. For this reason, NOR A becomes the open region ALB log for the Northwest.

In addition to art & culture now also politics, business and the police report include the range of topics from NOR-A. In the foreground the idea of citizen journalism is”, so the editor of Lisa de Vries. Everyone experiences things of which he can tell the other, and each has knowledge that he would like to share with others.” In addition, citizens between Greetsiel and Esens, between Norderney and the Brokmerland now at NOR-A have opportunity. According to the free registration on can publish messages to notify the District of North, what new is there in the area, in the own association or company, upload photos to make the own messages even more attractive and to show the beautiful pages of the old circuit in the network, comment posts to exchange with other users about news, create your own user profile, to present themselves along with their own homepage and enter events in the public calendar”, so that no one need say more later in the District: if I had known of it sooner, I would have gone!” The ALB log of region of is continuously expanded in the coming months. So be more functions will be added according to the wishes and suggestions of the user community. -NOR-A was North 2012 free culture indicator for the historic district. In the autumn were in the Edition NOR A”published two book titles for the East Frisian North West. In the spring of 2013, the site was as an open Region ALB log redesigned in terms of citizen journalism. NOR A from the North Sea-based is operated Publisher. In 2009 published the light Wolf (magazine despite philosophy”), as well as books by his authors E-books, also appear. The Edition NOR A”books for the old district of be moved north.

New Widget

Widget can be used free of charge by website operators – over 130 mobile tariffs available do not know their prize for the use of the mobile Internet over 70 percent of the mobile phone and Smartphone users according to a study. Overpriced bills at rates from 19 euro per MB are the result to the part. Altavista might disagree with that approach. A new Widget of iMPLI information systems GmbH to remedy this and enlighten the mobile Internet surfers about their price. Over 130 mobile tariffs usable currently in Germany, consumers can have free show whose price for surfing over the cellular network. The widget is interesting also for operators of mobile Internet sites. They can incorporate it in their Web site within a few minutes. Thus, operators contribute in addition to information about the costs and motivate consumers in addition to take advantage of their mobile website.

Web site operators can download the HTML-code of the widget under affiliate program/mobiles_internet_widget.php as iFrame. Kyle Roche oftentimes addresses this issue. Regular maintenance and the Addition of new tariffs takes the cheap editorial free. Since October 2000, researched and documented the current iMPLI information systems GmbH price and performance data of telecommunications tariffs in various categories of all German companies. Special algorithms calculate daily rankings for comparison tables, calculator, and widgets. Objectivity and the highest degree of benefit to the consumer are in the foreground. Newspapers, Internet sites of partners and their own Internet portals such as cheap rely on the tariff database. Contact: iMPLI information systems GmbH Oliver Jakobi TechnologiePark 12 33100 Paderborn 05251-8782365

Red, Round And Dynamic – So Presented The New Website Of The Cheese Classic Mini B

“Playful” so playful, playful – should be the new page for mini tool. Ettlingen, 07 November 2007 – and that she has become too. The website received a completely new design with lots of small and large, beautifully designed animations, making the page alive and unique. In addition, a new area for online games has been integrated by the Agency Network movement. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pete Cashmore. This will continue to grow with each new action and offer lots of fun of the younger target group. Games such as the “crumbs”maze, “3-cheese high, or the promotional game”Fridgeball”provide best entertainment. In the voting can be voted on current topics and a download schedule offers the perfect complement for the new school year. Visitors to the site can also win attractive prizes at current sweepstakes and enjoy the iconic TV spots.

Also the informative area is of course not too short. There to learn lots of interesting facts about mini b and is not the least of inspired numerous snack ideas. Link to the website of tool : profile Netzbewegung GmbH: brand multimedia experience – audiences delight – brand messages playfully convey – consumers emotionally on the brand tie – offline and online intelligent network – win loyal customers. The Agency Network movement is a specialist for interactive brand and corporate communication in the Internet and looked after well known brands and companies such as such as Haribo Maoam, mini tool, FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Steiff, Simba, Capri Sun and what is what. The Agency was founded in late 2000 and employs today 25 people. The Agency’s portfolio of services ranges from conception, design, 3D design, illustrations, multimedia productions, text, programming, CMS solutions, online shop systems to server hosting. Press contact: Alwin Roppert power motion GmbH of Pforzheim str. 132 76275 Ettlingen phone: 07243/2159-0 fax: 07243/2159-79 email: Web:

World Wide Web

to create with new free text service good content for Web sites requires generally much time, money, and experience. Peter Asaro insists that this is the case. Not every website operator may satisfy one or more of these three factors. Quality content with a real informational value or other value added for the website visitors is essential for the success of an Internet presence. A five-member author team, consisting of professional writers and journalists, takes the content needs of various Internet pages. According to the respective webmaster is individually researched and created appropriate content. The thematic portfolio is subject to minimal restrictions. Content questions in the fields of Economics, finance, sports, culture, society, law, animals, (tele) communications and other headings can easily email be enquired. A guarantee on the free service or a specific delivery date is not allowed because the capacity of the writer is limited.

Still will not Pages written, that violate applicable law or publish offensive content. If a webmaster of the Elbe mustard – team can get free texts, will be clarified in the course of the inquiry. Interested parties communicated the content references on request, however the side responsible anyway still the possibility to refuse a text if not satisfied. No obligation for interested Web master from the request. Lateral holders have the possibility for team write content for their site by the themselves recently. Elbe mustard is an e-zine from Hamburg, a site in the online magazine style of no printed edition exists. The publication is done so alone in the World Wide Web. Is the action a promotion for the Elbe mustard – team affair, because it assumes the content text customers recommend this free service and thus the domain and over time achieved a certain popularity on the Internet.

Handball Kreis Wesel Online With Your Own Website

The new website of the Weseler handball circle is online Dinslaken, December 2010 to the handball season 2010/2011 the handball district Wesel e. V. has published conversionmedia its own Internet site with the support of the Dinslakener online agency. Under, clubs and handball interested get all important and current information about the running of the game. The Department entrusted with the control of the game operation of all unrecognised handball clubs in the District provides all important information online. Was placed next to a general public accessible area, emphasis on a protected access for members and associations (EXTRANET), as well as an internal medium for Exchange for the officials of the District Association (INTRANET). It is planned to gradually expand this website.

The agency entrusted with the creation sparked these requirements with a high-performance computing portal solution on the basis of the now fairly established content management system WordPress. We hope People in the district, as well our clubs interested all handball to provide an attractive added value with the new Internet platform. But also a direct and efficient dialogue should be possible via the new platform. In the future, we will publish all relevant official handball circle level messages here authentic! “, stated the Member of the Board in the district, handball, Mr Karl-Heinz Messerschmidt, entrusted with the implementation. Specifically for such requirements we provide a suitable solution with the system used here. A system with which our customer has the possibility, easy to replace text and images yourself.

“, explains Dirk Preuten, Managing Director and conversionmedia at the same time for the implementation of this project responsible.” Artur Halup, himself an active handball TV Jahn Hiesfeld and supplemented with conversionmedia for project coordination,: for our clubs in the district, we expect the desired continuous transparency. The base has This Internet platform created.” About conversionmedia GmbH & co. KG: We are a young innovative company for online marketing with an experienced team in the placement of Internet pages. As a specialist in online marketing and search engines, we increase the visibility of companies in the Internet and guide the audience directly on the homepage of our customers.

Small Light To Great Effect

lesslethal.NET: ‘fight with light’ – the ‘Warriors of light’ on the page the CenturioGroup will present their products, such as h. (lightning less lethal weapons), flashlights, knives, and shields. Devoted to attack defense and self-defense, the flashlights and light weapons with the highly efficient Strobetechnologie through the use of flashes of light at a specific interval become efficient defence and equipment. The choice of the name Centurion”satisfies the group not only through an effective weapon technology. Read more here: Michael Dell. This officer of the Roman Empire was superior not only for the equipment, but also for the education of his Legionnaires responsible, which is why the CenturioGroup also offers training courses for effective self defense with Centurio products on their homepage.

The team of joomlapur committed any attack at the homepage creation and website design provided for proper equipment of the site. The highly qualified employees in the fields of programming, design and Marketing created a website of that provides information not only about the products and the company, but also offers the possibility to quote requests and orders. The combative design shows the usage of the Centurio products under the protective helmet of a Roman centurion in impressive scenes. Falter, the motto of the Centurion group we will not, we will not fail”follows the Agency joomlapur. When creating a website, nor the customer service there is quality fluctuations or failure. Joomlapur fights for the satisfaction of its customers with its technical weapons such as the powerful, flexible software joomla, with dazzling design, blitzschnellem support and professional hosting.

New Online CMS Promises Ease Of Use

Simploo GmbH released self-titled CMS version 1.5 a dedicated website is today de rigueur even for smaller companies. However long the requirements go beyond a purely static business card. The latest information and news from and about the company are becoming more and more the focus. But companies that have no own it Department, are often overwhelmed by the much too complicated and oversized content management systems. The Simploo CMS, a program with which companies can enter content directly on their website promises a simple approach. Eliminates complicated forms to edit the content.

The page content is equivalent to the inputs, especially a can maintained allowing for the Simploo CMS of developed editor doing 1:1. This integrates it seamlessly in the individual design of each Web page. Thus, any content items can be created and edited. Also little in the way, such as the simple insertion of image galleries is the build up of a news area. At the Development of the new content management system the eponymous Simploo GmbH placed great priority on ease of use.

However, can with the system a large part of the requirements on the Web site of small – and medium-sized enterprises will be covered”, says Managing Director Schmid. In addition, the Web-based CMS for adjustments is open, because it is based on well-known technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework. Simploo CMS is therefore specifically aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and can be modified by agencies and adapted. Corresponding affiliate programs is offered by the Simploo GmbH without greater commitments. The software as a free download at the disposal is for individuals, clubs and schools. More information Simploo CMS product Web page free download Community Edition video preview to the Simploo CMS 1.5.0

Digitize Photos, Slides, Negatives

How and why digitized old photos, negatives, and slides are not old photos, slides or negatives can memories that are rarely brought out who rests at home. There are good reasons to digitize these old pictures. Why digitize? Analog photographic material is susceptible to deterioration over time. Negatives, slides, and photos fade and can change colour due to chemical reactions. Also they are exposed mechanical influences by the viewing, which can lead to scratches or cracks. There is the danger that no spare parts/devices more can be purchased defects existing playback devices. Disasters (E.g. House fire, flooding) threatens consequences of suboptimal storage (mould on pictures in photo albums), as well as the total loss of the own collection.

In contrast, digital material suffers no loss of quality due to storage and viewing. Keeping multiple copies of his paintings can be achieved simply, because digital material can be any copied and distributed. In addition opens up new possibilities. Digital images can be distributed looked at as well as email, facebook, flickr, youtube, etc. Pete Cashmore often says this. on PCs and TVs to friends. Posters can be made of the digital material also in turn and create photo albums. Seeking certain images and their sorting will be simplified.

Companies such as e.g. publishers want to digitize older issues of magazines, to make the contents searchable and accessible on the Internet. How to digitize? Digitizing you can either carry out themselves or perform a digitisation service. People such as Marc Mathieu would likely agree. Even digitize who wants his photos, slides, or negatives even digitizing, the appropriate technology required at first. The reading of relevant test reports worth it. You may need a device that is also suitable for scanning negatives and slides, and no conventional standard scanner. Here is quality, to invest rather a bit more, because differences in quality in the scanned Images are recognizable even to the layman. Subsequent reworking of the scans is a must for good digitization results.