Ancient Bracelets

Buy bracelets Online is almost as old as the history of mankind. The oldest pieces are of Sumerian origin, village of Asian Mesopotamia which is assigned also the invention of one of the first systems of writing, Cuneiform, also shared by Assyrians and Chaldeans. It considers that these bracelets extirian from about 3 centuries C, the findings generally belonged to what is supposed were Royal tombs. Also the Egyptians, some five centuries after the Sumerians, had as one of the privileged jewelry bracelets. It was with the Pharaohs and the religious practices of that village, bracelets and a great variety of jewelry were also invested with magical powers and acquired the character of amulets with great efficiency to offer protection and as a symbol of prosperity both in earthly life and the more there, since they felt that they had another form of existence after dead and there also used all his wealth.