Hurricane Stan

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Minimum pressure
977 hPa
2 billion dollars
80 direct, indirect 1.540-2.000 (including non-tropical rain)
affected areas
Guatemala, El Salvador, southern and eastern Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica.
It is part of the
Hurricane season in the Atlantic, 2005
Hurricane Stan was the eighteenth tropical storm and tenth hurricane of the season from the Atlantic Ocean in 2005. Stan was the second storm “S” since the system started hurricane names, the other was Tropical Storm Sebastien 1995. It was a relatively strong storm that, while established as a Category 1 hurricane for a short period of time, caused floods and landslides in Central American countries of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, also in southern mexico for day 3, 4 and 5 October 2005. It causes at least 1620 deaths, a number similar to that produced by Hurricane Katrina, and many more missing. At one point, official sources reported that the death toll may rise until well past 2,000, although the total number of deaths is likely to never be known due to the high degree of carcass decomposition in the mud.
An example of this description is the village of Panabaj in the Guatemalan department of Solola, which was completely destroyed by the flood of mud. Stan was compared with the Hurricane Diana in 1990, Hurricane Cesar-Douglas in 1996, when Hurricane Pauline in 1997 and Hurricane Mitch in 1998, though it was described in Central America as a tropical storm, because that was his intensity when it affects that area.
The areas most affected were El Salvador and Guatemala, countries that produced the largest number of deaths, and where dozens of villages and communities were completely isolated.
In Guatemala, where 75 of the territory is concerned, a major city was damaged, Santiago Atitlan, a major tourist destination where major mudslides caused dozens of victims. Also, a village on the slopes of the volcano Tacana was ravaged by an avalanche of mud and rocks. In Mexico, the overflow of a river in Tapachula, in Chiapas state, razed 2,500 homes. This web page contains information for the public in English … Tropical storms (Information on NOAA Weather Radio storms … and …
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