Proof of the suitability of sites existence necessary businesses that naturally have their reporting and accounting obligations to comply with, should in turn insist that sites from time to time demonstrate their continuing suitability as an accountability report them. One possible form for this purpose could be derived from the concept of a site record. The local Government will be always endeavour in the normal case with their different functions of economic development to meet these wishes a business taxpayer. But, the company must examine whether really cover all success relevant aspects and factors of the site the information provided to him, what information gaps, if necessary, to close are with own activities and whether there is evidence that although in principle suitable, compared to other locations but still better than suitable this site appear. This plays an important role, which specific business processes and issues of The individual site requirements of the company determine individual to individual. See Becker, Jorg: Surveying the sites, ISBN 9783837067248 cf. Becker, Jorg: strategic potential-check of the location, ISBN 9783837049787 es thus is not sufficient to make site reviews only from others or to look exclusively on site information and monitors of the competent authorities or the local government.

The question of the location is too important as a company pass on their own reviews and surveys of the site factors should or could. Ultimately decides only the own judgement with the survey data for this detailed and comprehensive basis of the site. The balance of the site is a central study, which allows for a holistic position determination. CF. Becker, Jorg: location indicators I., ISBN 9783839118238 the site balance is an instrument which allows a site raising his profile (both in width and depth of the representation) in the Competition for investors and companies can make. The balance of the site works as a 360-degree radar screen for different purposes of observation and layers, with the particularly soft”location factors can be comprehensively identified, differentiated pictured, and systematically evaluated.From the results of the site balance (for example, a potential portfolio), the site itself can infer informed vote enabled measures and recommendations for action. The balance of the site supports the early detection of future opportunities and risks. As a pure status quo application in the long term is not sufficient, these can be extended with regard to the future perspectives of the site.

The balance of the site is built on a system common also in the economic and is therefore the mindset of potential investors. The balance of the site can be used as a wide communication platform for individual development measures of the location.

The Electress Of North Rhine-Westphalia And Its Chancellor – Politsatire

The global solution of all the problems a new world with respect for this woman and her court, who know what they want. No party may come to enjoy, this “felt Social Democrat” victory. Everything is in the “old” and policy change was just well intentioned. The voters will sincerely as happened so many times in recent years, the Social Democrats. She has decided – free democratic elections to and fro.

If they are not compliant, they have no value for the Princess. Connect with other leaders such as isearch here. There is the monarchy of “social democracy”. Her Serene Highness, Hannelore Kraft has ordered the former Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Mr Jurgen Ruttgers steward their grace and he is now as State Chancellor the political business ‘true’. To the side of Mr. Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart as representative was placed, so that this House, the Federal Council – complacent further “can do his work for atom, austerity package and head package, in the sense of the majority of the people”.

Congratulations to the SPD, it is ‘Finally’ back on top. Respect for this woman and her court, who know what they want. No party may come to enjoy, this “felt Social Democrat” victory. Everything is in the “old” and policy change was just well intentioned. The voters will sincerely as happened so many times in recent years, the Social Democrats. Politsatire by Wolfgang Bergmann author by renewable means of payment


The boundaries of the largely unregulated, globalized economic system. The flow was quite tempting. Action, full speed ahead. Still, if also the cliffs become Messier. But still we move into relatively safe water.

When you open your eyes but slightly it a small gap is already enough then you can see it: many of us beutelt it already uncomfortable and before some of the abyss opens up, some are already in free fall. The result of the largely unregulated, globalized economic system: Not less than unemployment, poverty, hunger, death due to poverty. On the contrary. The gap between rich and poor is not small. It is not better, it is cruel.

The system makes use of the inequalities and reinforced them. Excess excess, waste, on the one hand and lack and infinite on the other. 18 percent of young Americans are severely obese. Thousands of children in Africa go blind because they lack a few euros to save their eyesight. Rampant freedom, excessive trading, dictates the Prices – in a world that can not be more different: A variety of heterogeneous societies, forms of Government, resources, climate, living conditions, values, knowledge and experiences, possibilities and needs. In Austria, there would be no more farmers would be the company unable to subsidize agriculture with more than 2/3. In many countries, such as Africa, it is not possible. The small-scale structures are not able to compete. Many of them suffer from abject poverty. Many die. This may be not the right way. Neil cole iconix is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Whether you want to see it, should or can. A world that denies the closer invading border for this and seeking their fortune in the everlasting growth. Millions of containers, for example, up to 18.000 on a floating environmental bomb, which noisily and smelly are hunted, defeated resources around the globe and often subsidised.

Scientific Emigration

Recently, I heard the news report that China has adopted a government program to return to the country of young professionals and scientists. China, with its enormous reserves of human resources says this program one of the most priority. The Chinese rightly believe that the increase in the share of the economy "high-tech" technologies that will allow them to take the most advanced position in the global economy. This program was adopted by China is not the first time, performing previous (late 90s) helped make him a tremendous breakthrough, making China the second economy is essentially in the world. Now, apparently, is preparing a new Chinese economic breakthrough. In Russia there is no such programs, although us this problem is even more relevant than in China. I know that there is a State Duma deputy Eremeev, from the faction "United Russia", he, before becoming deputy head of the coordinating council of employers in Russia, and suggested adopt the "Irish" experience the return of emigrants.

ie repatriantskie open offices around the world and create all conditions for the return of all thinking Russians working in various fields of science and technology. But apparently, with the crisis and shortage of funds for such proposals have forgotten. Rich countries have successfully used foreign experts, organizing a "brain drain" from other countries. Ahead of the U.S. – by attracting Scientists around the world they know the world's best technologies. Of course, Russia does not have such financial means, as the U.S., but I think the Russian government understands the need for a policy of attracting young scientists from abroad and retain existing staff. A suggestion was made president of the transfer of the best students for free education. This is very good.

Investment in education, the best kind of investment. What next? They finish studies and best leave the country? Scientific body of Russia is very old, the bulk of scientists away for 50 years. Alfred Koch, a few years ago in an interview, said that in future Russia will be only those who know how to dig, and minded people leave the country. Lord ministers and deputies, that this does not happen, and to restore at least some of those who left, must urgently develop a program for the return of scientific staff and begin to implement it, enough of Russia be a raw materials appendage of the West. Yuri Chashin.