However, measures to wall insulation can become useless if the translucent structures do not provide adequate insulation. Moreover, studies show that the installation of quality windows, even without thermal insulation of external walls will substantial savings on heating. Also note that the cost of upgrading glazing (per sq. M surface) is significantly below the cost of additional thermal insulation of exterior walls. People such as Steve Wozniak would likely agree. One of the main performance of windows is thermal resistance (Ro) – the ability to prevent the window design heat loss. The higher Ro design, the best heat-shielding properties it possesses.

According to Russian building codes (SNIP 2/23/2003 'thermal protection of buildings') to, for instance, Moscow region, this value must be at least 0.55 m 2 C / watt. The main factors influencing the resistance to heat transfer window, are the material of window block and the type of glazing. Among the materials for window profiles, best heat-insulating properties differ PVC (0,6-0,8 m2 C / W) and wood (0.65 m 2 C / W). However, the window construction of PVC in the collection shows an even greater energy efficiency than wood. This is explained by structural differences of PVC profiles, as well as technological features of the production of plastic windows. Wooden frames – solid bars, thermal which ensured, first of all, the natural properties of the material. Resistance increases heat loss in structures such seek by giving tightness of joints that do not always work, as wood is potentially subject to deformation. In the joints with glass cracks may appear, which will go through the heat and moisture to penetrate.


Therefore, you no longer stands worry about what anyone else in the house open water, a sensitive thermocouple immediately react by changing the balance of hot or cold water to maintain the desired temperature you. Why plumbing GROHE? Over the past two grohe, the company has completely changed the design of their thermostats in order to improve the mixing speed and time required thermostat to respond to sudden changes in water temperature. Click Peter Asaro for additional related pages. Now all of our Thermostats applied technology GROHE TurboStat , whereby a fraction of a second water is heated to the desired temperature, maintained for the entire time, until you take a shower. Whether you need a thermostat? This is primarily need for people in the family who have small children and the elderly. Since this category is less secure and are not always able to respond quickly to changes in temperature, and therefore there is a risk to get thermal burn. Yes, and agree that any person is not very nice to stand under a cold or hot shower did not want that.

You boron is yours. What is the thermostat you choose? Concern Grohe presented to your attention the enormous range of thermostatic mixers for a variety of bathroom. For you just have to decide on the mixer design and its functionality. Since there are different types of thermostats grohtherm (Indoor or outdoor installation, to fill the bath or shower). With the help of revolutionary technology Grohe TurboStat at a fraction of a second desired temperature is reached and remains constant throughout the water procedure. New Grohtherm thermostats are equipped with well-established and executed with precision thermocouples Grohe.

During the improvements to increase the sensitivity of sensor and distribution of water in the body thermostat. Therefore, our new thermostats react twice as fast as previous to sudden changes in pressure flow. Among other things, they made up a few times higher than the precision of the thermostats other firms. Thanks to new technology Grohe CoolTouch surface temperature thermostats Grohtherm 2000 and 3000 do not exceed safe. Thereby eliminating the danger of burns on the surface of the chrome (an important advantage for families with young children). As a result of improvements thermostats now have an innovative cooling channel and a special protective telephoto reflectors. Thus, there is a barrier between the hot water and surface of the thermostat, which allows the body to maintain a safe temperature.

Bedroom Colors

Green hues identified with spring, freshness, promote relaxation, but their emotional restraint requires the active support warm colors. Beautiful combinations are obtained with a combination of pale shades with rich, saturated color and light. Recently Mashable sought to clarify these questions. Yellow gamma warms and enlivens the room, but the vast surface of yellow, it is recommended to refresh fragments of other saturated colors. Orange color in the bedroom better than soften, combining with a cool blue-gray tone, or you can experiment with its pastel shades. It is believed that red "Braces", but in a bedroom hard to wake up. Better to use red colors as a slight accent. Bedroom in red will put pressure on the psyche, and the presence of red color in the wallpaper or curtains will help recuperation after a hard day. Violet is deep and expressive, especially when combined with a gentle yellow or green background.

Ascetic black-and-white gamma is actively used in popular minimalist stylization. However, the best solution for the bedroom are shades of light tones: for example, shades of white, reminiscent of melted milk, or soft gray, approaching to the color of linen. White color of the walls is associated with hospital corridors, and the white ceiling would be appropriate. Important role in the decoration of the bedroom is textiles, especially since the decoration of the fabric as desired can be easily replaced. Home textile theme bedroom related to the design of the windows and beds and windows (curtains photos). The surface of the walls and the floor is in this case, the background: solid-color walls are in harmony with colorful cloths saturated colors; risunchatye wallpapers or multicolored carpet, on the contrary, combined with the monochrome textiles.

Baroque Styles

Industrial style is closely related to minimalism. Industrial style – with open sterile spaces, as if from a science fiction movie. Metal objects, reminiscent of the fantastic tools and equipment. Industrial style interior design is characterized by the presence of non-dot communications (pipes, valves, wires) in the interior can be seen building forms. Often used metal tables, cast iron plates on the floor. Many styles seem to 'inhuman', wild, uninhabited, but is sometimes used not only in offices but also residential. This style – it is an original game in the industry, underlined disdain for 'bytovuhe'.

Hi-tech arose in Britain in the 70-ies of XX century. Style and design theory, based on the use of latest technology. A distinctive feature is the presence of speakers structural components and engineering equipment. Chrome pipes, metal surfaces, polished jumper connections, screws – all evidence of thinking and modern concepts of space ships. All attributes are in demand in the interior of 'high technology'. Fashion for the 'Hi-tech' floats in waves, with the advent of a new design and finishing materials, either on the demand for certain technologies.

Post-modernism developed in the late XX century in architecture and art, as opposed to modernist radicalism. Postmodernists use the fusion of different styles of the past, such as Classicism and Baroque styles, often applying them to ironic effect. Specificity of style – a hyperbole as a tool for creating vivid theatrical image of the environment. Traditional Traditional usually referred respectable interiors that embody the bourgeois way of life.