Facade Systems Construction

Water-dispersion paints continue to paint, or paint VD) has long been known abroad. For more specific information, check out Robotics. At the time, Soviet industry in the development of HP does not paint went on to PVA glue, bustilata primitive water-dispersion paints, suitable only for painting ceilings and porches. Therefore, when the market Soviet Union and then Russia, and appeared WA coatings of foreign production, our builders are not yet ready to acquire them. Most textbooks strongly date, many aspects of our literature in general were not covered and were strong stereotypes about the poor quality of domestic water-dispersion paints. Today, the share of foreign construction materials razbavimyh water is very high (For example, in Germany, reaches more than 90% of the total paint used). This is due, and environmental performance, and ease of use and durability of coatings WA.

There is no doubt that in this century, namely water-dispersed painting materials will play a dominant role, occupying more and more sectors of the market. Our company "Simplex" (from the Latin – 'simple') went through was not easy. His main goal we have set HP coatings production taking as a basis capable of competitive quality. In today's market are particularly important efficiency and quality of materials, and TJ improving technology. The company "Simplex" manufactures paint products series "Dolphin", produced by the latest technology, modern uchetyvaya quality requirements of raw materials well-known manufacturers: Sumsung, Basf, Dupont and others. Water-dispersed materials issued on the basis of the following basic types of communication: – Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) (materials on their basis are classified VD-VA) – butadiene-styrene (BS) (WA-CN) – Styrene-acrylate (SA) (WA-AK) – Acrylate (A) (VD-AK) – Versatat (BC) (WA-AK), each binder type has its advantages and disadvantages.