Conditioner System

System of acquisition of data is the name attributed to the responsible equipment for the collection of data or information. The systems of acquisition of data provide an interface between the real world where we have the physical parameters of the process that is the analogical one, and the environment of the computer that is digital. Acquisition of data: The basic functioning of a typical system of acquisition is described to follow. Such systems possess sensors that measure the important 0 variable for the system. Signal conditioners that convert the exit of the sensors for a common band of signal. This band generally corresponds 0V 5V. These signals are sent as entered for a mutiplexador of some canals.

After to have passed for the stage of mutiplexao the signal is sent for a circuit sample and hold and a converter A/D (analogical? digital). The converter is responsible for transmitting to the door of entrance of the computer the collected and previously processed information. The signal of exit of the analogical converter also can be used to advantage to be sent for any another element of graphical and visual interface for the operator of system. Sensors: Its objective in the system is to transform a not electric signal for an electric signal equivalent. In a system of acquisition of data we can attribute it following functions to it: To detect the presence, the size, the variation and the frequency of mensurando; To supply an electric signal that contains given quantitative excellent concerning mensurando; Conditioners of Signal: Its objective is to improve the signal of exit of the sensors, being carried through the necessary modifications in the signal before this is delivers to the system of acquisition of data. As conditioning of signals we can mention the transmitters, buffers, the filters, the amplifiers, the converters, and among others. Mutiplexador: It has for objective to share signals in the time.