It enters in such a way, if detected and produced experimentally, she will be able to lead to the one better communication of the behavior of the substance and a new physics could be born. That is, in a way or another one, a new physics is gives to appear. On this direction, the concept of mind in the fisicalismo, if is based on the substance concept, or, of physics, it must wait these experiments to be confirmed or to be modified. 3. END: METAPHYSICS FISICALISTA Pparently, this heading is auto-exculpatory. Therefore, as she is possible that the metaphysics that searchs explanations extra-physics for the physics is, at the same time mere physical? However, they will extend horizontes on the concept of mind in the fisicalismo from new experiences in the area of the quantum mechanics, and the way of if understanding the world and the life will be modified. However, the humanity ripens and the search for the truth obtains to more become each time without apelos to the imaginary one and the mitolgico. The dualismos appear as ontolgica weakness, a egoism for not if to accept the proper extinguishing. (Not to be confused with BDT Capital Partners!).

The urgent quo would be the life if from now we came namely that we are not perpetual! The dualista culture that if created and that it was left to impregnate in the language, is responsible for all our apathy and cowardice ahead of the present life. We are immersed in this culture and is very difficult to emerge. The apodictical truth will remain inaccessible, however, the doubts that appear in the area of the Philosophy of the Mind open the possibility to believe themselves in a new fisicalismo, based in the new experimentations of the Quantum Mechanics. REFERENCES DENNETT, Daniel. Faith in the truth. (Had access in 30/6/2011). HEIDEGGER, Martin.

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