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Imagination is the beginning of creation. We imagine what we want, we create a deep desire for that which we imagine and finally, we created what we wanted. George Bernard Shaw live in a society deeply dependent on Science and technology and which nobody knows anything about these topics. This constitutes a safe formula for disaster.Carl Sagan generalities, reach many companies have neglected the like encourage creativity that human resources has, have failed to motivate the human factor, to individuals, in such a way that you pass to the generation of ideas that promote not only the Organization but also to personal growth. He has written, commented that each of us has creative capabilities. These capabilities are the most important resource any company has; exploiting them is called a cultural innovation within the entire organization, not just in the creative departments. Companies face major challenges for development and exploitation of these resources Creative these challenges can be overcome, but occasionally creative thinking courses are not the answer. As the dance of the rain, they underestimate the nature of the problems they are trying to solve.

It says, that creativity is the ability to find, imagine and define what’s new, can be used to achieve the objectives of innovation and change of the company. The real development of the creative ability is achieved with practice Juan Rodrigo adds us, that creativity is the ability to find, imagine and define what’s new; a capacity based on differing mental processes, which involve ways of thinking where the removal of what is known and the suspension of judgment – the deferred assessment – are central. Creativity is the ability to produce mental results– new and useful ideas, oriented towards a goal in a given field. Similarly, divergent thinking that relies on the creativity was described by Guilford as the way of thinking that we use to formulate and solve problems whose solution unknown.

Windows Server

It is the amount of information, measured in bytes, that you transfer from your Web Site to the computers of visitors every time that they enter. While many companies offer an unlimited bandwidth, make sure that if this is true or just an advertising slogan. Unless you do massive transfer of files, or upload large amounts of photos or videos to the server, a bandwidth of between 2 and 3 GB is sufficient. But always keep in mind how much would cost Additionally these and future growth. Gain insight and clarity with Mikkel Svane. 7 Disk space. A Web Site small or medium can weigh between 15 to 20 MB, if you are using mail with webmail, keep in mind the amount of emails that futile to be stored on the server (always advise using the Outlook or another mail client to lower these emails and don’t saturate the disk space on the server).

Keep in mind these 2 factors and if someone gives you unlimited space, note if it is true, and if you truly need it. 8 Email. All Hosting plan must offer E-mail accounts. You must choose the plan that gives you the amount of email that you need for the staff of your company and a plus for future growth. Ensure that ofrecs services include webmail.

7 Operating system and server architecture. You should know exactly what they want and need. Maybe you need a Windows Server to run your ASP applications, or maybe you need a Unix or Linux running Apache Server, you might need an IP fixed or an SSL certificate for your Web of electronic commerce 8.-costs. Cost is always an important factor but for an issue as critical as the web hosting should not prevail the economy, a Council, do not rely on companies with excessive economic plans and also not the most expensive are the best, look for a balance between quality and price. I hope this article will help you in your choice of the best company’s web hosting for your business.