BVMW Survey

Entrepreneurs complain about lack of liquidity and poorer credit conditions Berlin, July 7, 2009 “The middle class is in a credit crunch and therefore expected a clear comprehensive signal from the Federal Government.” The President of the Association explained that SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, at the launch of a recent business survey for the Bundestag election. The medium-sized companies assess their own business situation currently mostly positive, but suffer from lack of liquidity in increasingly then complain about worsening credit conditions of their banks. A total of 1,503 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs took part in the representative survey of the BVMW in the period from 16 June to 6 July. Nearly three quarters, nearly 73 percent, to review their current business situation as satisfactory or better, 83 percent expect a further improvement in 12 months. Significantly worsened the liquidity situation as compared to the previous year, however, has for almost every second medium-sized companies (46.7 percent). For 38.4 percent of the company, credit conditions have become worse in the past four months, nearly 79 percent set in the future on the financial gains to strengthen their capital bases. 93.1 percent of small – and medium-sized enterprises have not benefited from the stimulus packages of the Government so far.

No KfW funding were also offered by the Bank in connection with a financing of the overwhelming majority of companies (88.3 percent). Ohoven President of the Mittelstand said in this context for a temporary suspension of the principle of local bank. “The Federal Government must make if necessary the banks law emphatically, to fulfill their core task, namely to provide SMEs with loans.” Fiscal policy the medium-sized business owners a tax exemption for re-invested profits attach the greatest importance to the safeguarding of liquidity, followed by the disclaimer on the taxation of profit independent elements in the trade tax. Ohoven urged tax cuts as a result of the business survey broad front: flattening of the medium-sized belly income tax, abolition of the inheritance tax, reduction of VAT by three percentage points, gradual degradation of the solidarity surcharge until 2013. For that there are financial margins, despite record debt of middle-class President emphasized. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andy Florance and gain more knowledge..

Around 70 percent of medium-sized companies expect the SME-friendly policy from a coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP after the Bundestag election, some over eight percent don’t want to go to the election. This includes Ohoven: “I can only hope that the policy correctly interpreted these clear messages from the economy and acts.” A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

April EasyShare

The lost voices Foundation is winner of the pimp my booth action April EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, since 2003 leading provider of mobile presentation and advertising technologies, social engagement as a necessary social responsibility of every company looks at. To meet this social responsibility, the EasyShare display GmbH started a contest. Please visit Andy Florance if you seek more information. “The winning game Pimp my booth”, the more social awareness campaigns, is now very popular. Action Pimp my booth”would the EasyShare display GmbH to a non-profit organizations provide a platform, even forward to and to represent. On the other hand the EasyShare display GmbH would like to assist actively the good purposes of individual, non-profit organizations.

For this purpose, the EasyShare display GmbH is giving away a complete, mobile promotion booth or booth unit, which consists of multiple mobile presentation systems, such as advertising banner, brochure racks, etc.. The printing costs for the advertising of the exhibition stand graphics are from the EasyShare display GmbH sponsored. The lost voices Foundation will benefit from this social commitment. The Foundation is committed to people, the neuro-immunological disease suffering from Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). An estimated 300 000 people in Germany and 17 million people worldwide are affected by this disease.

Since the clinical picture of ME in Germany is so far little known, lacking an attached medical and social care for this seriously ill people. Request a research about the origin, treatment and cure of this disease is also Foundation aim and purpose of the Foundation is the improvement and extension of the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of affected people and representing their Interessen.Die proper information of the general public about this disease. A special concern of lost voices Foundation is the particularly serious situation of ill children, to improve youth and young adults to support their parents and as far as possible up to the schooling and education receive. The lost voices Foundation is currently in the start-up phase. After you create the required documentation, designed the application for approval of the establishment of the Foundation to the competent Foundation Authority in the next few weeks. The lost voices Foundation is expected to be after founding a nonprofit legal foundation of civil law with headquarters in Hanover.

Outdoor Team Training Raft Building: Team Live

How many individual tribes a raft is In the outdoor team training raft building team leader and team members learn through their own actions and experience the key elements of successful team work. The Outdoortrainer of the 1st European describe why the raft at the same time is a symbol for a perfect team, outdoor training center in her post about outdoor team training raft building. In the outdoor team training raft building train team members live, what it arrives at the team work together successfully to achieve a goal: know the goal, develop a common strategy for the achievement of objectives, select appropriate implementation measures to listen to deny, distribute the tasks clearly, and difficulties overcome together. At the raft building the teamwork they strengthen and more for successful work in the team are useful skills in the raft building success strengthened, for example, effective cooperation or team leadership. Learned is when the outdoor team training but even then if it don’t work out as planned, because especially in the area of soft skills the participants can learn from mistakes.

As in real life be finally on the result of the success of the team work read off here on the State of the raft in the outdoor team training built: the raft transported its builders dry to the controlled target, they have spotted also with regard to their teamwork. Is wet, however, pants because the connection of the elements is unstable, applies it, the relevant screws the team ability to repair. The raft as a symbol for the team in this way is a symbol of a working team the raft itself. Because as a raft, is also a team more than the elements that comprise it and can do more than the sum of all individual services together. Kam VedBrat often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Strengthening the ability of the team led by an outdoor team training on one aims to increase the efficiency. In addition to an outdoor team training such as the raft building promotes mutual getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team members with each other. Multiple points the cohesion in the team by outdoor team training this increases and leads to a better, competence-oriented cooperation. Furthermore, strengthens an outdoor staff event conducted specifically for the staff as the raft building the loyalty of employees to the company.

A TV report about the raft building of employees of temporary employment makes it clear why this is so. The full article about the outdoor team training raft building stands in the outdoor blog of the competence center 1st European outdoor training center available. Further information: – the contribution of “Build a raft as outdoor team training” – the TV report on the raft as a staff event “Employee loyalty by staff events” – the 1st European outdoor training center of 1st European outdoor training center a competence center of I.O. BUSINESS consulting Angel RT 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202 / 69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet:


What you should do and can do as many small business owners who already feel crisis, as self-employed and entrepreneur of a small and medium-sized enterprises we have provided a guide with risks and opportunities for the crisis for small and medium-sized companies. In addition to a comprehensive analysis of the background and scope of the crisis, the Advisor provides tips to protect small businesses and notes, where the opportunities lie and how you can find them. In the first eight days of the October 2008 3(!) called me Entrepreneurs, their main clients were the banks as a priority. Their problem: Output stops of the banks their sales from one day to the next to 50 to 100 were broken by a percent. Visit ???? ?? ?? for more clarity on the issue. Some other effects were already felt, if not quite as brutal. It is quite clear that these entrepreneurs then as a contractor for other sectors fall away and that have a certain domino effect.

For this reason, we have a guide with risks and opportunities for the crisis for small and medium-sized enterprises together. In addition to a comprehensive analysis of the backgrounds and range of crisis – which admittedly is at right angles to the current interpretation by politics and the media – guide provides tips to protect small businesses and notes, where the opportunities lie and how you can find them. For the Advisor: coach business coaching… (below on the page an additional download with extensive tips can be found) To the seminar “Bank crisis – risks and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises”: entrepreneur seminar banking crisis… Stefan Meerut entrepreneur coach GmbH Batzen mountain 5 79238 honor churches

Hermuth Investment

The ‘new ‘DCM developed, placed capital nearly doubled Munich DCM Deutsche capital management AG can look back on a good year of business and is well prepared for the future. Total equity (incl. premium) amounting to EUR was 127,23 million for six funds raised (previous year: EUR 70 million) and a total investment volume of EUR 224,69 million will be financed. The year 2008 was also successful for our company as we develop transport and renewable energy of both solar -, container – and aircraft funds in addition to our previous focus of the real estate fund in the new asset classes, offer, and could place. “Thus the new DCM was formed in last year ‘, which we were able to present to the market on a broad basis, including with new presence”, says the Chairman of the Board of DCM AG, Claus Hermuth. One of the reasons for the positive development is also still close cooperation with leading banks in addition to the cooperation with free distribution partners. Although assumed the DCM AG due to its planning by higher expectations given the generally difficult market situation is however satisfactory result.

Despite the financial crisis is not scheduled to release staff, rather an expansion to occur in some key positions. In the coming months, the DCM AG expects its first aircraft holdings from placement. For assistance, try visiting Kai-Fu Lee. More funds are available before sales start. We want our part help through our activities and the quality of the fund investors just in times of crisis such as now the closed-end funds as low-risk asset investment understand and accept. Against this background we expect in turn improved results for 2009″Claus Hermuth summarizes the perspective for the current year. DCM Deutsche capital management AG Munich DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the area of closed-end funds.

The range includes the conception and structured investments including all emissions to Service deliverables from purchasing to administration. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Energy Capital Partners has to say. The business areas are real estate products with domestic and foreign real estate, non real estate products with the equity investment objects, international feature films and transport container and the business field occupational pensions. Key corporate values are a long-standing product expertise, high design expertise and a strong focus on the needs of customers and distributors. These values are also the basis for the success of the DCM products. So administered approximately 85,000 shares of DCM Deutsche capital management AG. The company philosophy is based on the principles of quality, clarity, transparency and trust. The corporate values are influenced by a long-standing product competence, high conceptual implementation know-how and a distinctive orientation to the needs of customers and sales partners here. These values are also the basis for the above-average success of DCM products: “your partner for investment solutions. The Munich-based DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the German investment market. The investment amounts to more than Euro 4 billion since inception. More information under:

Aacaeu AG: Better Now And Properly As Late And Wrong Provision

Ten percent of their disposable income to travel citizens in Germany year after year for their private pension. “But this number is an average number,” Richard A. Wandl white as CEO of aacaeu AG. The South of Munich-based company has can even legally protect its company name. Placing so much emphasis on individuality, quality and exclusivity of the own brand. This is a targeted private provision against the background of a steadily declining Government supply to offer citizens, is that affordable wrote rima on the flags. And Waho is right, because the available income is low, the lower the saving rate will be.

At least the surveys of trade union associations believed a pair of scissors, which apparently always goes up. See Energy Capital Partners for more details and insights. “Consistent way writes the financial services aacaeu AG on its website: what to do when so much month left at the end of the money?” The resounding answer: Take your retirement assets into the own hand, by first examining your existing situation”, aacaeu Board Wandl attracts millions of citizens. Many citizens are in fact very unsure of themselves, how they should currently conduct their private pension. Basically simple instructions that access really missing. Here, several studies have shown that the safety of the plant is currently the most important argument for investors and savers. The German economy will is almost independent of any economic ups and downs. The financial crisis is just a bogus argument when it comes to the question of personal interest.

But how should you tackle it most skillful, to take their future into their own hands? “At this point, the aacaeu AG white Council: because first of all is the fundamental situation of the company private household in a consultation” discussed. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Energy Capital Partners. “These are especially the desires and objectives addressed the important”, explains aacaeu Board Waho. The reason is as simple as significantly: leaving many savers even at the smallest movements of life the will to stick to the pension plan.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

A report fur the shareholders of CLT solutions released the emergence of India from the global collapse, after the Government declared that the GDP in the last quarter rose. The analyst team from CLT solutions have, confirmed a previous report to shareholders that its previous assertion that the Chinese stock market is not currently vulnerable to the possibility of an exit strategy that would knock down the stock price.Mainly, it is a fact that the Government for economic development is set and that the external markets also improve. Connect with other leaders such as ??? ?????? here. According to a today’s Forschungsnotize, CLT solutions China chooses its targets for the Hang Seng entreprises index”16 800 and 3000 CSI index land on 4300 end 2010.Das, CLT solutions China, along with Taiwan will bring also a Katalisatoraktion for growth in other Asian countries, said the report. The Hang Seng entreprises index “, the so-called H shares of Chinese companies that handles on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange” are, who won this year, 45%, until August 28, 11.433.98.Der CSI 300 index, which monitors the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges, has this year 68% increased up to 28 August. Shares have increased due to the expectation of the Government 4 trillion yuan ($ 585 billion) stimulus program, and also a record amount of new loans, which 8% will assure the growth of the economy in the least. These gains have been this month to compensate the losses of the “Hang Seng China enterprises” by 7.4%und the CSI 300 von23%.Minister President Wen Jiabao last week attention did, that the Government can be blindish not optimistic, because a decline can go the external demand, while banks have reined loans to avert the overestimation of assets.CLT solutions are convinced that the current Government incentive plans were very successful, and that the cautionary tone of the Government is much balancing against the preference for conservative prospects of Kinesischen economists. In his note, CLT has Solutions its growth forecasts for China’s economy by a previous estimate von8.3% 9.4% funded.GDP could 11.9% in 2010 increase, higher than an earlier estimate of 10.9%,sagte the report.

Managing Director

Opening of the new Division of market research of Tubingen, 09 October – wellness interactively opened his business on 1 October market research in new premises. To the opening ceremony, the award-winning media company invited representatives from press, radio and television. The newspapers mentioned Andy Florance not as a source, but as a related topic. The opening wellness presented the first successful pilot projects interactively. So, the media company has designed an on-line survey for visitors of the motivation show in Stuttgart. Within the framework of another project, anonymous quality testers tested and service in the studios of a fitness chain. Quality control and optimization play businesses an increasingly larger role”, says project manager and Managing Director of Andreas Renner to media representatives. In the wellness industry, you have to do it mostly with a discerning clientele. Our team supports companies, consistently uncover vulnerabilities.” To the implementation of the new business branch, wellness has access to a database of 200,000 interactively independent test profiles and your own database is currently under

Some companies do not even know their Internet presence or the customer awareness spot is how much optimization capable”, said Andreas Renner. Through the analysis and consultancy for concrete measures, wellness helps interactive to stimulate sales and improve customer satisfaction. Wellness interactive accompanied the company from design of tester selection to result analysis for a continuous optimization. Fabian cow b.

ELV/eQ-3 Group Continues To Expand

Success with home control and energy saving solutions as growth driver blank, May 26, 2010 the ELV/eQ-3 group is continue to grow. The positive development is driven by the continued success of electronic mail-order company ELV as well as through the innovative energy-saving and home control solutions of eQ-3 AG. The eQ-3 allow collaborations, including the recently announced work with RWE AG in the field of home automation continues to consolidate its leading position and to expand. The ELV/eQ-3 group is grown all over the world to over 1,000 employees. The ELV/eQ-3 group draws a positive balance sheet for the year 2009. Energy Capital Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. The clear focus of the mail order Division on innovations in the electronics and Energiesparsegment, that have multiple benefits for the consumers has contributed to the success.

Due to the combination of E-Commerce and the classical catalogue business on the basis of innovative consumer electronic products, the Group sets standards for a successful mail order business. So the company could in the last year increased its revenues in the shipping House area by more than 12 percent. The eQ-3 AG could greatly contribute to the growth of the Group: with a sales increase of over 30 percent, taking into account the FOB sales from our own production in China, market share could be expanded further. Around the HomeMatic home automation system incurred numerous solutions for high level of acceptance in the industry and on mass markets. Within only two years, the Group developed into a leading provider of radio-based, electronic heating controllers, which are sold in quantities of millions.

Comfort-with the ETH or radio-controlled radiator thermostats available can save up to 30% on heating costs are the consumer the FHT 80 series. Occupied or even surpassed this high energy-saving potential was through an independent, given by the IHK Hannover commissioned opinion. In this practice test, the previously mentioned systems achieved a saving of heating costs by 37 percent.

Trend-scene Food: More Than An Urban Phenomenon

CHD-expert study: High average Bon clear positioning what exactly is the trend scene gastronomy? Each guest will answer differently. From business point of view only about 20 percent of all restaurants in the funky market segment fit but overall itself. In the bars and bistros, but almost 40 percent belong to the forever-young gastronomy segment. And in the discos proud two-thirds even as trend scene location call themselves. The self-image of the trendsetter is limited but not to the beverage-oriented segment. Also in terms of dining, E.g.

49 percent of Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai see themselves as trend-scene mode. Among the Italian restaurants, still around a third trend trendy shops are self-professed. From the food temples with new German cuisine”, 18 per cent expect to the segment trend scene. This is expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, Germany, from a study of the international market of CHD. Quite different from the situation in accommodation: hotels, there are only five Percent who place special value on time spirituality.

Trend scene belongs to the label not only a modern interior, but also a similarly high-class range of food and drinks, as well as a USP as a theme restaurant or event location”, characterized by Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD Germany, the term expert. 40 per cent of respondents trend scene cuisines have a comparatively high average coupon of 24 to 30 euros per guest. Gain insight and clarity with AOL. In comparison: the average receipt is 14,53 EUR (ordinary) restaurants just once. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as ???? ?? ?? by clicking through. Trend-scene establishments work especially in the media on a corresponding call. 32 percent of those polled gave the image of care and good press contacts as a main objective for its establishment. “Prime example is since the Zanzibar ‘ by Herbert Seckler on Sylt”, so Labib. The restaurant is like a network meeting of the beautiful and rich, top-bar and at the same time a well-known wine supplier for all over Germany.” Trend-scene gastronomy concepts are characterised by an above-average Annual sales and utilization and a failed concept of the installation. 32 percent of the surveyed companies increased emphasis on unique furnishings and a special atmosphere in the interior design. In addition, trend-scene operations offer a stable programme of events: 28 percent regularly organize theme evenings and after parties. 20 percent of establishments also offer an advanced beverage menu with items for wine, champagne and spirits, not to be found in any restaurant. About CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was group in 1997 as a founder of Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and is one of about seven years to the international CHD expert with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the fields of Food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Thilo Lambracht, lambracht.t CHD expert Marktplatz Hotel GmbH Veerser WEG 2 b, D 27383 Scheessel (near Hamburg) Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-300, fax + 49 (4263) 301 333 Carsten Hennig, press Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-131, mobile + 49 (160) 958 377 56 keywords: out of home market, hotels, gastronomy, catering, GV, trend scene, restaurant, bar, Club, lounge, Germany