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Immediate History pocisiona through a questioning politician to this monopoly exerted for the media in the direction to try to answer to the social demands, and fits it to become understandable information (DES) information plays for the media on the mass consumer of notice. It has the responsibility to make what the media does not obtain: to give historical inteligibilidade to the generally fragmented information, imposing its critical analysis, keeping the pertinent relations, contextualizando the facts and interpreting them with scientific severity. According to Luiz Drio Teixeira Ribeiro: ' ' The great media is subordinated to a small number of powerful groups, (that they concentrate to be able economic and potential of intervention politics) they use that it as instrument to create the illusion or the image of an undisputed thought for its severity and its veracidade.' ' 3 and is against the dictatorship of this Golias of the Only Thought that the Davi historian must be opposed. BIBLIOGRAPHY: ARIAS GRANDSON, Jose Miguel. Verbal history and History of the Present Time. Native of London, typewriting sheet, 1995.

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