Technological Body

It will be that nobody perceives the perfect technology that is the human body? A brain with all the perfect lines to command the things bred. Eyes to see clearly the amplido that must reach the object bred. Hands to place the things in its had places. Heart not to leave the frigidez of monuments bred to be better of what it. Feet to conduct itself without being lead.

Differentiated fingers to feel cold and hot objects. One has lain powerful, because it has in it the image of a GOD who is alone owner of the Universes. Perhaps check out Pete Cashmore for more information. If GOD wanted to disclose itself would not make it through one would lataria for more modern than he was. HE PLACED MIND IN the MACHINE Placed mind in the machine? Great thing! In the distance of it Human being it is enormous. It is GOD creature, and possesss an Immortal Spirit that survives to all hecatombes. the machine? Created for the material effect that GOD left spread for the Terrestrial Orbe if it rusts with the time. IT CREATES, BUT ALSO IF IT CREATES the reason without the presence of the heart wants to become enlarged itself.

However, she remains imprisoned things that already exist. If to place the heart next to it goes to never perceive horizontes seen and will bring to the world new features where the two only can glimpse. SPIRIT AND BODY If to perceive the proper body will see that nobody made nothing equal, although to search it to learn. The human body is a perfect machine that the Creative GOD loaned to the Spirit it to evolve through it, and does not stop changing it for one would lataria more for moderninha that it is. The Human being can make to grow an incomparable cellular army, thing that the robot is not capable to make.