Long Walkway Slabs

Now enjoys a huge demand pressing Pavement any kind of form, color, options, calculations. There are actually laying her big moment. You must meet a set of conditions, so that she lay down smooth and has remained as before for a long time. It is easy to achieve when uklast correctly, even on the drawing. You can see the city laid paving slabs, many are not as they should. Not meet the conditions to the same, not all the time Pavement is smooth styling. Find out the technology on which will certainly be confident in life without too much difficulty.

To begin to explore the foundation when it is not hard, in this case, the concrete ties and is good if the iron mesh underlay. Sap to vyklast paving slab to 12 cm, depending on the soil. Do not forget to perform the slope so that water flowed and collected. The rain does not work, wait for the dried earth or to carry out work hiding. It must be remembered that when they can carry split is considered normal when 5%.

One m2 out different amounts, the price is usually from 230 rubley.Esli laid on diagonal then overrun of 5-10% and as much useful in case. The advantages of paving slabs is low price, because the materials are easily produced and to make its local producers. Can save money when you make an order for the calculation manufacturers will guarantee to always flat surface. Manufacturing is not a complicated process as it seems, know a couple of options, choose the one you like. Many believe ways, using shapes and colors. In this case, is the ideal base paths. Many people choose it because paving tiles: modern material has become available not long ago. This technology abroad applied even to build a house.