Key Staff

Lic. Ricardo Candela houses do well know their workers? The pay rise is not decisive to retain. ** In a company dedicated to software development General Manager has an abrupt interview with its key programmer: General Manager: I requested an urgent interview dime programmer: Mr I inform you that it will only work up to the end of the month. General Manager: but. Why? If you increase 02 days ago. Programmer: If but not for money.

General Manager: So by which? Programmer: I have two kids in college and the new company provide me for my children’s education services. * Moral: Live by bread alone man and his family.As it could be understood, retention and management of the human factor must have points where the use of custom incentives make. However, the question of Fund is do as will I, my people need?. First of all you must know your people. The following questions can help: a.-determine that your key personnel sucks. Frequently investor has said that publicly.

(b) determine how much knows that key staff?. Questions about key employees: 1.-do you have children? 2. What are their names and ages? 3. What is the most important that has happened in your life? 4.- Where you live and with whom? 5. What is the person who most admire?, by who? 6. That is what more you like your work? 7 This is the least like to do in your work? 8. That is what you do better in your work? 9. What is the area of the business that most attracts you? 1 0.-Which is less attracting you? 11.-We’re worried over every day? 12. That is what gives you more peace of mind? 13. What you want to study in the next 5 years? 14. Do as you see in the next 10 years?. ** If you could answer all these questions, then you can apply custom incentives to its people that allows you to retain them in the organization. If you can not answer questions, is the time of to apply in an interview, be worthless questionnaire sent to his Office, these questions. They can help avoid situations like the story at the beginning of the article.