CEO Michael Bornicke

Start of collaboration between kiveda and 42 DIGITAL Bremen, 04 April 2013. Kiveda, the online Start-Up in the kitchen trade relies on 42 DIGITAL online marketing now. The goal of the collaboration is the acquisition of new customers in the online segment of the kitchen as well as a steady increase in the market share/visibility of through online marketing activities. Kiveda and 42DITGTAL have made themselves, greatly disturbing the market and lead to a break from the stationary to the online kitchen trade. Kiveda CEO Michael Bornicke cooperation: our decision was made very quickly on 42 DIGITAL.

We know the special commitment of the Agency and expect with innovative and effective online solutions of marketing to the launch of, which make our shop successful. We want to grow 42 DIGITAL with, in regard to a long and partnership-based cooperation.” Jens Brechmann, Managing Director at 42 DIGITAL makes it short: we are part of a revolution. The entire 42-team looks forward to an exciting and successful cooperation with Kiveda.” About We love cooking and good food at Kiveda Kiveda. Therefore, it is important to offer us kitchens and kitchen accessories, which is just as good as what we have in the pan. For this reason we can produce your kitchen in German factories, we regularly check.

Thus we guarantee the best quality and at a fair price, because cooking is not exclusive, but a sensory experience. And since we at Kiveda not only like to eat, but also to work fast, you swing your spoon in your Kiveda kitchen faster than you can imagine. Why we love kitchens is simple: it is the place in the apartment, where we start our day with a light breakfast and end it with a nightcap. It is the place where we come with friends and family along us add culinary delights. The kitchen is the place where we connect the sweetest smells from our childhood, in short: the kitchen is the sensory organ of the apartment. That is why we have made us it to the task, individual kitchen in best quality produce, get you in the highest kitchen enjoyment. 42 DIGITAL 42 DIGITAL was founded in may 2012 and is one of the top performance marketing agencies. As an expert for the development of online marketing strategies is the ideal partner for the realization of 42 DIGITAL campaigns more successful performance marketing. A special focus of our work is on search engine marketing, especially search engine optimization and advertising, as well as in the performance-oriented Facebook Marketing. Currently we employ ten permanent employees on long, and draw some international experience in Agency and corporate work. Own, innovative booking and optimization mechanisms, which always take into account the latest developments in the search engine market, provide for an optimal result.