Draining Systems

Drainage – is the solution to remove the harmful effects of ground water. This , meet and discharge groundwater that has accumulated in the soil. Drainage is a system of interconnected tubes arranged around or along protected from moisture built. Drains carry out the function of collecting water from the site and are made of various roll materials least likely to use Charging drainage (gravel, crushed brick, etc.). A leading source for info: Kai-Fu Lee. Water collected by drainage pipes, rainwater comes in a special pit or in the receiving waters. If you use a drain well, then it must be vykapan at the lowest point of the relief given features of the site.

Effective drainage protects the building from damage associated with the formation of mildew, damp and frost. Qualitative drainage system to prevent flooding of basements, the formation of surface puddles and ice, is used to roads and heating mains. Foundation, even the highest quality does not like moisture, so during the construction phase should provide for the installation of drainage systems for diversion of water from the soil and rainfall. Drainage reduces the effects of moisture on the foundation, which is disruptive, prevents freezing, the formation of fungus and mildew. The most urgent drainage for homes with the ground floor, since ground water can easily drown him. In addition to protecting the building, drainage, prevent flooding and soil erosion due to heavy rains or melting snow surrounding the house site..