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How to convert a phone with Symbian system into a mountain GPS for bike, in this post you will find the way easier that I have found to convert a mobile in a mountain GPS Garmin type. This tutorial works on NOKIA phones with Symbian system but would have to serve for any phone with GPS and Symbian system. Requirements of the phone to keep in mind: – incorporate Symbian system – integrated GPS if don’t need an external GPS connected via BlueTooth – install program SmartComGPS in order to install the program must sign the application to use in our mobile-one of the security systems that include phones like the Nokia XpressMusic 5800 Symbian is each application that is installed must be signed. You may find that Robotics expert can contribute to your knowledge. Many of the applications that we install on your phone will come without signing, either because they are independent developers either because it concerned commercial programs hacked versions, with which will make us failure to sign them. 2 Things are needed to sign an application: a key (key) and a certificate (cert) and both are unique for our phone that will be associated with your IMEI. This is the part more complicated but the footsteps you don’t have to give any problem. To get the certificate and the signature access: n = register and register – then access with our user and passwd tion = login – click APPLY CER enter data and click Aply fill all options (is not necessary to enter your real phone) – screen data of your imei and others in the window that puts state there is a red arrow only hope they usually take 1 to 2 days to respond. tion = login re-enter your username and passwd, and have to appear one a green arrow and normal will click in the window operate in CER is downloaded and then click on KEY so you can sign all applications.Save the certificates and signatures to a single folder.

Once we have saved the Cert and the Key can now sign applications. To sign an application as the SmartComGPS will have to download the following software: Singsys, your operation is very easy:-SIS file: insert the path of the program for example c: smartgps. sis – CER file: insert the path of the certificate – KEY file: insert the path of the key which is SmartComGPS: allows you to upload your own maps, your own tracks, edit them, save them, save them, is 100% compatible with OziExplorer maps and data files. You can read, edit and write.