In 48 countries around the world produce about 220 companies aerated cellular concrete. Of these methods the company ‘siporex’ – 33 companies ‘Hebel’ – 29 ‘Selkon’ – 7 ‘Itong’ – 42 ‘Kilsiloks’ – 15 plants, and so on. The most common type companies working on how these companies have annual capacity of 160-200 thousand m3. In some states hold its own work and methods, which along with the licensing function in plants Based on its own domestic production of aerated concrete techniques. For other opinions and approaches, find out what has to say. These techniques vary a lot, usually means grinding, molding the mixture and cutting the porous arrays on the product desired size. In a series of number of factories of reinforced cellular concrete products is 80-85% and actually produced a full set of materials for the building of aerated concrete, especially for low-rise building. Aerated concrete produced by the cutting technique with high precision the dimensions of the final products of aerated concrete, which are extensively used in industrial, residential, agricultural construction. This high accuracy of geometric sizes of aerated concrete building products can only be achieved by scrupulous observance of the technological scheme for each, without exception, redistribution and increased accuracy of the cutting operation of the equipment.

Precision manufacturing of building materials from aerated at the same conditions due to various technical solutions for cutting equipment, and most importantly the thickness and length of cutting string. In Technology companies ‘Grayzel’, ‘Verhan’, ‘Itong’ before cutting to required size gas silicate blocks aerated array edge to 90 degrees (with form) on the side of a form or a pre-driven by a third party board-pan, it aerated array of moves to cut further to the heat and humidity treatment and storage products. The technology firms ‘Dyuroks-Kalsilos’ and ‘Hebel’ porous removed from the raw form, carries a special aggregate from the surface of the bottom wall forms at the cutting plane of the unit, cut, then the lattice pallet is sent to the autoclave processing and storage products. According to the method of ‘siporex’ withdrawn from aerated raw form on the lattice is cut into pan products, after which the side faces form dipped at the previous place, the pallet with raw silicate is sent to the autoclave process. Autoclaving performed in blind-through autoclaves and diameter 2.4-2.8 m, length about 50 m at a pressure of not less than 1.0 MPa. In these schemes, production and other foreign companies are the final product is sent to the buyer in packed.

Packaging is done, most often in shrink-wrap or bags, then they are fixed with metal or synthetic strips. Aerated concrete is usually performed with a density of 400-700 kg/m3 and durability silicate blocks in compression of at least 2.0-5.0 MPa. When shipping to the client moisture products from cellular concrete is about 20-25 percent by weight. Abroad, in the manufacture of silicate products used mixtures, usually with vodotverdym ratio (B / T), about 0,50-0,65. The above-listed companies have accumulated rich experience in the use of products from cellular concrete in the construction industry. Masonry walls and partitions, using reinforced aerated concrete blocks made with glue or mortar.