TCP Domain

In this article I will explain how to obtain free DNS for domain name registration and parking for it. First, a little theory. DNS (English Domain Name System – Domain Name System) – a system that allows the character to convert domain names into IP-addresses (and vice versa) in the network TCP / IP. DNS was designed by Paul Mokapetrisom in 1983. DNS is important for the operation of the Internet, for to connect to a host needs information on its IP-address, and for people to remember the simpler patterns (generally sensible) address than the sequence of digits IP-address. In some cases, this allows the use of virtual servers, for example, HTTP-server, distinguishing them by the name of the query. Initially, the conversion between domain and IP-based performed using a special text file DHOSTS.TXT, which was compiled and updated centrally on each of the machines the network manually.

As the web became necessary in an efficient, automated mechanism, which became the DNS. Domain parking (Domain Hosting) Service parking a domain name means, above all, support for DNS-zone of your domain to ensure the discovery of a site by typing in the address bar of your browser domain name. Domain parking is needed in that case when you are not yet ready to build your virtual server, but are concerned that your chosen domain name will take someone else. While you are preparing your site, a domain name You can reserve and even show any page. A little about ZoneEdit.Com ZoneEdit.Com – one of the most famous and quite stable razdavateley DNS.