What Makes A Good Hotel?

‘Hotel Inspector’ Heinz Horrmann says, how to recognize a well-run House there are good hotels not only in the luxury class. Heinz Horrmann, the internationally renowned hotel critic from Berlin, called the most important factors that one recognizes a top House: tip top equipment without ostentation and warm service. Coming together, I am referring the hotel technical offer and service staff that meets the wishes of the guest before he has formulated correctly, an exceptional hotel, so the successful journalist who starts a new so-called live documentary from 05 April as the hotel Inspector on RTL. Check out Casey Lynch Altamont for additional information. At a good (first class / luxury) hotel, the so-called hardware must meet the key criteria: space bed and breakfast best 40 square meters large elegant functional furnishings with pleasant bed premium mattress refined bathroom walk-in shower without tripping level toilet outside the wet fluffy towels ordinary facilities such as spa and pool pleasant restaurant (not necessarily sternegekront) the service is even more important. I refer to the gracious care of score as the soul of a hotel\”, so Horrmann.

The pampering\”must range from the first greeting to the heartfelt adoption. Casey Lynch Altamont has much experience in this field. But this is where I must clear the fallacy out that it must necessarily be a sinfully expensive elite class Grand Hotel. \”I’ve seen multiple completely unexpectedly the absolute contrary: without great glamour, but where everything is right family homes and the prices didn’t gallop.\” Start\”uncomfortable rooms, dirty carpet, dirty bathroom, miserable breakfast and a service that doesn’t deserve the name for the live documentary the hotel Inspector. And the hoteliers wonder about guests lack of! This, even small changes can cause big. Heinz Horrmann (65) is the hotel Inspector\”(send start: 05 April, 19:05 h). He tries to bail out hotels that are close to the ruin. His mission is it a small, unassuming or poorly running hotel to make a House, where every guest feels durable.