Emission Control System

Check for obstructions in the exhaust system (manifold, exhaust, muffler, converter catalyst). Kai-Fu Lee may not feel the same. Also check the Emission Control System, including the EGR valve, which recommend replacing the slightest doubt about his fucnionamiento. EGR valve not operating properly can lead to problems of detonation and / or pre-ignition. Notes on the Thermostat The thermostat function is to prevent water from flowing into the engine while it has not reached its operating temperature, according to the manufacturer's specifications. When the engine temperature approaches its operating temperature (usually 80uC), the thermostat starts to open allowing a little water to mix with hot water and start the process refrigeracion.a When the engine warms up completely, the thermostat opens fully, controlling the speed of water flow. It is common to remove the thermostat from the engine to believe that the engine should operate as cold every possible Some people even claim that the head is fractured when the thermostat opens and lets the water cool. Nothing else farther from the truth. The problem by removing the thermostat becomes more critical with the conversion of LP gas engine.

When the gas engine works below 80uC, pistons and valves are filled with white deposits by nitration of the oil. Running an engine below its operating temperature in turn requires, to the excessive consumption of fuel, which causes damage to valves, rings and in the catalytic converter, among other components. LUBRICATION SYSTEM "N Pump and Strainer Oil pump and oil strainer must be new when installed a remanufactured engine (finds it impossible to thoroughly clean a strainer).