Center Students was born in 2002 to help the student to survive the harsh life of the University. Seven years later, this support materializes in more than 15,000 classified by Center, faculty, course and teachers notes. Upload notes to the network has become an increasingly widespread practice. Specialized portals, own teachers, students and universities are responsible for that today is in Internet teaching material in almost all areas of knowledge.Pak is a magic word for a good number of students at the technical school Superior of engineering of the University Polytechnic of Valencia. The term is the nickname with which Francisco Jose Rodriguez Fortuno, former student of this school who altruistically, has published all his notes of the race on the Internet is identified. Source: Steve Wozniak.

Notes from Pack, such as collect the author in your portal, now exceed 150,000 downloads, an average of 2,000 downloads by subject.In general, can be a good help for study subjects, but in any case would advise students to stop taking their own notes and, much less, stop going to class. Taking notes is an activity prior to the study that facilitates learning and understanding of the subject, so this slogan provided by Rodriguez Fortuno is which should consider the thousands of University students who each year use the resources available on the Internet. In any case, this material serves to supplement the annotations of the student or complete them when he was unable to attend class. Professors and universities notes in Internet publishing is usual in recent years. In some cases, it is made by initiative of own university professors, using this medium to facilitate the study of matter to its students. Through personal pages or the website of the University, teachers offer the option to download class as additional aid notes. Sometimes, the material available is useful only for the students of this teacher, but other times It can be used by any Internet user interested in the subject, as the collection of notes prepared by teachers and collaborators of the Superior School of engineers of San Sebastian.