Skoda System

Approximately 40 million car drivers make the daily experience, the gasoline prices and thus also the duties and taxes are higher and higher. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit GoPro HD. Approximately 40 million car drivers make the daily experience, the gasoline prices and thus also the duties and taxes are daily higher and higher. Producer prices are increasing constantly and many motorists are wondering, how long can we pay for it or can we drive in the future even. A new long term rental system (annual rent) the company wants to multimedia car system BT Gyor in Hungary, with new offerings for the German car market, low-priced car all car drivers allow. Here, various services are bundled. Each customer his car can be used cars (not trucks) by Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, seat, Skoda, smart and assemble the Mini Cooper itself.

There are different types of rentals. For example: Type 30 up to the replacement value of 30,000 or type 40 plus up to the replacement value of 40,000. So the type 30 currently 62,35 costs to Monthly rent and 149 processing fee when ordering. After the expiry of the lease contract (1 year), every customer in the system can again take a new car if this was previously appointed as port vehicle. Thus, everyone has always a new car with the most modern technology and less fuel consumption. Through nationwide distributors, all local can order your cheap car and drive.

BMW ActiveHybrid – The Ecological Bolide

The Munich-based carmaker automobilem luxury hybrid future between and hybrid engines in the trend. Each car manufacturer holding something up today has a hybrid vehicle in its range. Auch BMW has jumped on the hybrid bandwagon. Since then curves bodies with the blue-and-white logo in green sign through the streets of the world. In the meantime, the Munich-based carmaker have two hybrid models in its portfolio that are equipped with different versions of the hybrid engine.

The hybrid drive is currently the most widely used alternative to the internal combustion engine. The secret of the hybrid drive system lies in the combination of two different drive types. In most cases, a conventional internal combustion engine is combined with an electric motor. Depending on, how high is the proportion of the electric drive of the motor, a distinction micro hybrid, mild hybrid and hybrid between the variants. BMW introduced its first hybrid model, the BMW X 6 ActiveHybrid, before in September 2007 at the international motor show in Frankfurt. A year later followed at the Paris Motor Show 2008 with mild hybrid drive, the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

The X 6 models are medium-sized luxury crossover, the 7-series is made up of large sedans of the upper class. Both hybrid models are anything other than small cars. The Munich-based carmaker tries during the construction of his hybrid car obviously in the balancing act between powerful cars and ecological awareness. Both models are dominated by concentrated automotive. The hybrid models from BMW is equipped with a TwinPower Turbo V8 engine, two electric motors and a two-mode active transmission. The two-mode technology is the heart of the ActiveHybrid. It controls the interaction between the two electric motors and the combustion engine. The BMW ActiveHybrid technology offers the driver on three options: firstly it can drive only with electric motors, he has the choice to use only the internal combustion engine to the second and to the third, he can use the combination of the two drive types. Both the X 6 ActiveHybrid as also the ActiveHybrid 7 are since April 2010 on the market. It took a while, but BMW seems to have come on the taste to be. Already the Group wants to send hybrid another 20103 in the race. The new model is based on the vision efficient dynamics study, presented in September 2009 at the IAA in Frankfurt BMW and should consume less than 4 liters. For those who are interested in the new hybrid drive technology, it is so exciting. Linda Sibert