Apple Phone

What can offer the Apple Phone compared to the competition? What can still give the iPhone 5 Android phones not already half a year previously have supplied the Galaxy S3? “Always such wind is produced to the new releases from Apple, that Hurricane Katharina” looks, however, very small. Apple would have to make the most sales in the next few months after the release, otherwise the big Eddy not pays off for the company, as sales go way back, the even red in the area of sales to the iPhone 4S figures emerge. That is nothing for the group, but compared with its direct competitors, the market balance sheet looks then bad. There are many customers who will buy the latest device from Apple yet, but the General majority is waiting for a speedy cheaper Variant. Also there are many owners of iPhone 4s, that it think twice whether to lie to a new Apple phone, to beat much because there is no the quick competition. So Apple has all its usage on a super design and use the latest technology and all bid what previously existed, so as it was them in the managed at the iPad.

The core problem is the feisty competition, holding a higher standard in the past through faster, more innovative products. Like the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy s II by Samsung. Although the 4S almost half a year later out came (actually you had spoken of the five), it’s not particularly original was able to convince. Only small improvements have been made and the Samsung phone was at, until they had topped itself even in this year, the deposed smartphones front. Now you would expect from Apple, by the incredible wind that they cause, is a phone that not only in the design is an innovation in itself, but also the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the shade. In the SideShow of the cold war, these two do Giants not disregard is running with a merciless, but sincerely entertaining for the outside dispute to the patents and different in the market. Actually This sum is reflected the lofty arrogance of both corporations. Maybe Google of the winner in this situation is and at some point both as far as outrun everything on its head to series, with its purchase of Motorola and their own nexus. Lioncast GmbH