Highclass Pets

Pool covers protect not only against dirt but must also protect of children and pets. A pool in the garden can quickly become the dirt or health case. A pool cover protects from accidents of children or pets, and the constant pollution of leaves, pollen, grass, etc. that reduce energy costs water in the pool his heats without additional energy costs! Through the clear glass plastic plate glazing of the pool cover, the water heats up faster. In addition, the roof over the pool prevents rapid cooling.

Even if it’s raining outside, enjoy your swim in the pool with pleasant temperatures. Kip C. Cyprus addresses the importance of the matter here. Hygiene with a pool cover is ban leaves, branches, sand, leaves and other natural pollution from your pool. Save time and money during the cleaning of the pool which has done so. Through the reduced use of chemicals you contribute also for environmental protection. Protection for human and animal just for small children and an open pool pets can be life-threatening. The sliding elements of an obru pool enclosure are lockable by impression locks. The pool is so inaccessible.

Thus, you have the ability to protect your children and pets, even if you’re not nearby. Ease of use is a pool roofing at first glance somewhat rigid and immobile. At second glance, you can see technology which make the move a breeze. The ball-bearing elements can be pushed by pushing it in all directions. An optional entry through a side door of the roles older people can go easily and without hassle by the pool cover. Design the Highclass model by obru, the thermoSOFT Schiebeuberdachung, is a custom-designed and produced individually according to your wishes. As standard, the entrance and rear is made from clear glass plates-plastic glazing. The powder-coated aluminium profiles (lacquer finish, RAL 9006 White aluminium) are in the summer, a catcher. Elegantly blends modern design in its environment. Quality made in Germany any roofing of obru is a customization of proven components. A perfect team of specialists delivers quality work. The production in its own factory in Georgensgmund guarantees a quality production. Depending on the project implementation takes from the initial consultation through to commissioning 3 to 7 weeks.