Good Form

Summer X Good Form Wanderson Vitor Boareto Graduated History and Bachelor in law, After Graduated History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education. Summary The perfect body and the beauty so had been never argued and stimulated for the medias. The question is the forms and the standards of beauty that each day are more demanding. The good one for living asks for to a physical activity and a balanced feeding, beyond the accompaniment for professionals of the area; the ultimate issue is the price that if paid to have the ideal body and the good form. Words Key Beauty, Perfect Body, Health, Professionals, Academy In current Brazil, the good form is divulged and propagated in all the social classes. She is without a doubt one of the industries most lucrative of modernity. For backwards of the good form thousand of jobs indirect right-handers and they appear daily in the whole world.

The question is: ' ' that paid price if stops having beauty and the good form? ' '. In January month, the gymnastics academies more than have an increase of 30% of new school registrations for some offered activities, all want to lose those quilinhos that are sobrando or to improve of some form the body. This search for the beauty is motivated by three factors: the summer and to few clothes, clubs and beaches and the carnival that is one of the parties most popular of Brazil. However, the use of anabolizantes is still constant, mainly for the adolescents who inconsequentes must the age and the collection suffered for the way. What more he scares the scholars of the subject is the commercialization of the anabolizantes and the alimentary supplements, carried through by the professionals of the area, that is, the professors and proprietors of academies, that in this in case that they only think about the generated profit, allow this practical illicit since the profits are excessive.


How much bigger the number of hidroxilas in the one structure flavonide, greater is its antirust activity. This is a factor that can be explored in the elaboration of a new frmaco (JOHANN, 2003). Flavonides blocks the chains of oxidativas reactions, when donating a H+ ion to the free radical, forming a steady radical (LUZIA; JORGE, 2009). With the reduction of these harmful agents, the organism does not develop degenerative illnesses as the peptic ulcer (RODRIGUES et al., 2008). Beyond flavonides, the fruits of the Citrus sort spp. they present in its essential oil metablitos, as the Limoneno, – pinemo (ROZZA, 2009) and – mirceno that they act of different forms in gastroproteo (BONAMIN, 2010). 2. OBJECTIVE 2.1.

General objectives Through revision of literature, the present objective study the vegetal composite use with therapeutical potential for the treatment of peptic ulcer. 2.2. Specific objectives To demonstrate new a therapeutical one for the peptic ulcer, through the job of fruits of the Ctrus sort spp. that it presents constituent with powerful antiulcerognica activity. 3. DEVELOPMENT 3.1.

Gastric acid secretion mechanisms the stomach is coated by composed the gastric mucosa, antrais fabric for oxnticas glands and glands. The oxnticas glands are formed by parietais cells (secretoras of acid clordrico), main cells D (secretoras of somatostatina), cells enterocromafins (ECF) (secretoras of histamina) and cells (secretoras of pepsinognio). The antrais glands are constituted of the same cellular type of the oxnticas glands, except the parietais cells (RODRIGUES, 2008). The secretions of the epithelial, parietais and main cells mucous, form the gastric juice. Cells G secretam in the sanguineous chain the gastrina hormone. The gastrina relaxes the pilrico sphincter, increases the gastintestinal motilidade and stimulates the secretion of acid clordrico (TORTORA, 2000). The parietais cells secretam acid clordrico through nervous and hormonais mechanisms. Stimulatons as vision, palate, olfato and the distenso of the musculatura of the stomach for the food presence, stimulate the release of acetilcolina (Ach) for the vacant nerve in the fabric gastric (BLACKSMITH, 2005).