Create The Habit Of Saving

Save is perhaps one of the most important goals of our personal and family finances. Savings will give us security, will allow us to invest in given time, will give us the necessary margin for manoeuvre to deal with unexpected eventualities, will help us to pay for the education of our children, etc. But this goal is a battle that sometimes we lose, something that makes us very uphill. Here some starting points to bear in mind and transform the saving habit: draw you goals that are realistic. One of the most common problems is drawing us very little realistic savings goals.

We want to see grow so fast that savings fund and noting that the reality is very different, us desmoralizamos and abandon the battle. Transferred so regularly and automatically to your savings fund. Other errors is save once we have made all the expenses of the month, i.e., save what us on. The correct way is to allocate a fixed amount (previously calculated using information from our financial dynamics) and transfer automatic and regular to our savings fund. That way the saved is guaranteed and we will adjust our lifestyle to the remaining money. Pay you to you first, remember it.

If increase you the salary, not spend more, save more. The work we do at times is so hard, just we have extra income causing us give us those tastes, those luxuries that for so long we refused. I am not in favour of avoiding any pleasure in our lives, I think that such activities of enjoyment, relaxation, feeling of reward for so much work, are vital for our professional performance. The important thing is that having extra income not so spend absolutely everything in it. Paramount, the most important thing is that we take advantage of this circumstance to allocate more money to our savings fund. Choose the path that will help you to increase the buying power of your savings. This point is dedicated to those who live in countries with high inflation, which, generally speaking, have real negative interest rates. The Council is to seek any way that will allow the purchasing value of your savings at least not lose power purchasing. More expeditiously to achieve that goal is a stable currency, which work as curator of the value to save. Sometimes this is not easy, there are legal restrictions in some countries, but there are always legal Windows that we can exploit. It is preferable to little than nothing. The amount that we can devote to saving works as an excuse for not doing so. So are BsF 50 or US $10 per month that we actually can, those we must place on our savings fund. A BsF is preferable to nothing, that we can not get our mind. These are some of the aspects to consider when saving. They are ideas that they use it Guide, you yourself will need to complete the job and choose those paths that best suit your preferences.