The World Of Romance

My dream was to create not a group, no community, no institutions … and the world. Maybe I'm too high soared in their dreams, to believe in trusting smile of fortune? It was no joke to create – The World? But this is not a simple world. This is a world of romance. As sounds corny, right? And where would I host it? In what dimension of time? Yes, and how we can unite all the romantics in the same place? Only one answer turned out to be logical – the Internet. That's right, it is here that hundreds no, thousands of people can find each other. So I created a website. But the word site, too casually.

Therefore, in future, I will speak instead of him simply – The World of Romance. Creating it, I tried first to answer the question, what means the word itself – the romance? I will not use the hundreds of links to electronic dictionaries, which treat the term. Just tell you how my heart dictates. It's – life. Romance is really worthy of that would have created for her the whole world. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dermot McCormack offers on the topic.. It's a delight, and nature, and the first flight of lyrical feeling.

This is a reflection of us in the mirror of life. The first baby steps, and the trill of a nightingale leaping. These are the words and song, this is music without music. Romance – it's the call of the heart. Lovely corner of paradise. Maybe it's our lost paradise? Upon reflection, I realized that I needed to create The World of Romance, of poetry and prose, from the pictures and thoughts. Whatever interwoven with quotations aphorisms – whispers of our ancestors. What would this music floated in the vortex white images. So, in The World of Romance, you can find everything from prose and ending with declarations of love in verse form. Here you can freely express their feelings without fear of being misunderstood. This site is not poetry. It is not site of prose, or literature. It really is magical and fantastic world. It's – world of romance.

Internet Radio

Internet radio stations are becoming every day more and more popular. More and more students from the fm band moving into the network, as from an Internet radio has a great future. There are lots of advantages for Internet radio over the classic radio: You can listen to Internet radio from anywhere in the ability to connect to the Internet with an acceptable connection, the presence of statistics students, the presence of a site, ie additional visual communication with the audience (Required listener will go to the website to listen to) communicate with each other and listeners to the station, etc. Active development of networking technology lets you listen to Internet radio anywhere where there is a connection. The development of mobile Internet and its cheaper in the future, as well as the availability of the Internet in every home will eventually lead to a significant increase of listeners online radio.

Of course, listeners are radio people today, users of modern technology. For example, people of retirement age will no longer be retrained in order to listen to Internet radio. Already have a decent wi-fi receivers that allow you to listen to Internet radio at the presence of wi-fi network, for example, at home or at work. Listen to your favorite Internet radio on your mobile phone, as mentioned earlier in this article, in the future it will be possible, because and the cost of traffic will fall several times and the technology of the same 3G will maintain proper quality of the connection. Internet radio stations in the network has recently become very much.

As a listener to choose the station that he likes, among all the possible options. At the moment Most Internet radio is between 5 and 10 regular listeners, so among Internet radio stations right now there is fierce competition for listeners, which will contribute to improvement and growth of some plants and the death of others. It begins to act the law of the market. Already, many radio listeners conduct surveys for the formation of ether, which is needed to the listener. With polls guide online radio station receives information about the relevance of the music, which sounds on the air. For example, Internet radio Imagination every month, such surveys. As in the market, eventually the Internet will be a dozen other Internet radio stations that will be listen to 90% of all students network. Already, this list is formed and it is safe to say that after 3-5 years to create a new Internet radio will not make sense, because untwist it would be very difficult. Now online radios are growing like mushrooms after rain, and every day their number increases. Who are able to provide the most capricious Internet listener aktulnuyu music time will tell …