Holistic Approach

Traditionally in medicine is a longitudinal process, sectorized and phased in the imparting of knowledge from the generation of basic knowledge to practical application, using the following linear scheme: Basic Research Clinical Research Health Care for 10 years has led to a paradigm shift in medical science, after cyclical changes in the generation of knowledge and the lack of definitive results of the various ways of understanding the pathophysiological and pathogenetic process. The change has to do with the new concept: Systems Biology and Medicine Medical Systems The concept of systems biology derived from systems of states that from a multidisciplinary approach involving actors outside experts in medicine, but related to the same (biomathematicians, bioinformatics, bio-engineers, etc) should be proposed mathematical models, by definition complex, using knowledge from the molecular level anatomophysiological to the collective level, and relate to each other to achieve the simulation of organic systems, enabling the intervention on them and generate solutions to health problems, both individual and social (collective). The medicine in this model should be: 1. Participatory 2. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. Predictive 3. Custom 4. Preventive steps are suggested to integrate the linear one another to establish a two-way interaction model in order to accelerate and achieve the timely application of knowledge, until now late for the solution of problems. Finally, breaking the traditional model of going from basic research to health care, no well-defined stages that would last, in the improved cases, 10-15 years, and turn it into a comprehensive model, or an integral do involving basic and applied researchers and those involved in health care for all the useful knowledge "drain" to the population, in the form of improvement in health expectancy. For even more analysis, hear from Page S. Gardner. Physician, 42, Specialist in critical care medicine and internal medicine