Plasma Display

Plasma screen plasma display panel can be a lot more television, while it does not emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. Apart from size, the main advantage of the panel is higher than that TVs and monitors, the image contrast and viewing angle – 160. Plasma panels are also different from crt flicker-free images, allowing viewers to not sweat while watching sessions in the home cinema. With all these advantages of plasma display panels have been used as information boards at airports and exhibitions, as well as for the design of exhibition stands and television studios. Most panel has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which led to their use in home theater systems. The surface of the plasma display panel consists of pixels, each of which has a 3-cell v sources the three primary colors v red, green and blue.

The cell is a sealed glass container of rectangular shape, filled with gas in the plasma state, and covered the inside color phosphor. The composition of this phosphorus is the same as used in cathode ray tubes used in televisions and computer monitors. Through each cell, electric current flows glow discharge, the more he v the brighter the glow of the cell. The current value in each cell individually controlled digital system, the plasma panel. With each cell can produce up to 16 million shades of color, so the screen becomes so rich and realistic. Due to the absolute plane of the screen panel, no image distortion characteristic when working with a television or monitor screen.