Software Development, Software Development

Today, every company understands that in order to successfully develop high-quality software to automate much of the monotonous work. Most companies have reached an impasse from the inability to track the entire business process. From my own experience I can say that it is impossible to keep all information in the files Excel, and even more so to track the changes made sales managers and leading specialists, generate reports and graphs, analyze, and view statistics of work. Today the market of software development is large enough and every company has to realize for themselves the importance of developing product software in a highly competitive. No need to give a head start to their direct competitors, or every day asking their employees what they were doing and how many calls did. Need to save your time, and put it in perspective of your company. What programs are developing our company? 1. Business accounting software program CRM customers, contacts, contracts, invoices, payments, events, products and services.

This automates the sales department in your company, and would focus on more important matters than the control individual employee and the entire staff in general 2. Accounting software product which allows consider all products of your company. To conveniently and quickly search for products already released and a convenient interface to accommodate the new units issued. Accounting for production, as with many additional fields and nomenclatural data, and simple manufactured goods. Build reports and the administrative part of the system for more flexible. 3. Software NewLineStudio – Lease This program allows automate all business processes of companies, from recording your first call the customer to transfer him to lease equipment. Automated process of calculating the lease payments and the formation of the necessary documentation (The basic contract, contract of sale, offer, etc.) 4.

The software for the auto show for dealers, we have developed a special program to record and act selling techniques. The program You can trace all transactions made by car. Build a sales reports for a certain period and for each sales manager. User-friendly interface allows you to visually see the entire business process showroom. 5. The software for the pharmacy network program will proceed to see products in a pharmacy, view balance and conduct the necessary analysis and reporting.