Plasterboard Construction

Plasterboard constructions perform a basic role in creating the interior. The shape of the walls and ceilings, arches and columns, all of which can be created from drywall and profile metal frame. Priorities of the structures of Drywall consists in the fact that their installation is simple and economical mounting need only the available tools, materials and details. Drywall, trim component designs has unique qualities, it is Non-flammable and environmentally friendly material, certain types of drywall water repellent and suitable for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Gypsum is useful property control humidity, and moist air in the room plaster absorbs excess moisture, while dry – giving both ensures the normal humidity in the house. Form designs are not drywall limited by anything.

Possible to use a variety of additional details of the interior, mounted on gypsum sheathing. For fixing heavy objects on the plasterboard construction, its frame strengthened by a special manner. You can not underestimate the power saving properties of plasterboard structures, arranging false ceilings, partitions or simple plasterboard cladding, insulated inside the house much, which leads to substantial savings of gas or electricity for heating premises. Use of special materials for gypsum constructions, makes the design robust and durable. Damper tape makes frame construction is less loud, serpyanku and other reinforcing tape the seam between the sheets of durable against cracking.

Using only the molded connectors for profiles provide proper installation of gypsum structures. For insulation of gypsum board walls, a special insulating filler, which makes such partitioning is not worse than the brick. Installation of plasterboard structures easily produce their own hands. Mounting technology does not require special equipment, unskilled worker. For the installation of drywall construction with their own hands will only need fantasy and desire. Only you can create yourself a truly unique interior.