Informatics And Computers

Engrossed in reading computer magazines, I came to the conclusion that this is a strange time. Linux is beginning to emerge from a long slumber, but from experience, there is still a major obstacle to save the the text processors are still designed for people of Anglo-Saxon language, thus giving the Spanish dictionary to correct any errors that use the language of Cervantes, we are faced with the unpleasant situation is not easy to peel away from the monopoly of the package Mr. Bill Gates computer. The word processor is a useful tool, but it seems that the only moderately well is corrected Mr. Gates, I’ve tried several, to get out of the dictatorship of the monopoly of the Lord of the perpetrator of the famous granny glasses of the windows operating system but I have not managed to break the chains of Gates’ office suite, because the correction of competition are more problematic than that of Gates also has its Naur. Gradually coming alternatives but are still in diapers as to what is established, it is sad that the computer no serious alternatives and solvents have laid down, one can spend all afternoon trying things entertaining, but ultimately you will always stop to what is already know.

Little by little we are out of power established by the dictatorship of Bill Gates computer to see if for the next century and break the monopoly and those who want to try Linux can do without having to pray that the incompatibilities of their own do not . It is difficult to pass but the question is to go saved incompatibility barriers, lack of information etc. Alternatives exist but are poorly promoted and it’s hard to find some things to make change, to dedicate free time I gripe about the penguin with the conviction that we shall understand perfectly, just a matter of getting the parts needed to send a walk to the famous and hoarder of the windows operating system that increasingly requires us to buy more powerful equipment to perform our tasks with your computer. Those who have a passion for computers and do not like to make big outlays to cope in the stormy world of computers, will have to start thinking about Linux because maybe when you least expected Mr. Gates to punish us but he can not use single operating system Xp decent so far, which apparently has its days numbered radio announcer for 16 years who also cultivates writing.