Fear Is The Biggest Success Killers

Series: The new sale (part 3) fear comes in many shades. It can be a friendly Warnerin that protects us. She can entice us momentarily from the reserve and lead to high performance. But she also paralyzed and destroyed. Duration fear puts the body in permanent alert, it reduces his power and ruining our health.

If we have fear, the amygdala in action is in our upper story. It examines everything affects us, highly alert on emotionally important factors threatening situations and potential dangers. You registers every movement and stops the nearly inaudible rustling in the bushes. It can automatically follow the direction of other people. She’s looking for friendly gestures and dark figures.

Ceaselessly, she interprets the importance of non-verbal messages in gestures and facial expressions. You explored any change in the voice of the person and decodes supposed intentions. Any mood fluctuation is noticeable Yes more or less effortlessly in the muscle-flexing of the face. This reads the amygdala and provides us with a flow of information, incessantly: it has in interest, that has bored him, that made him think, since he began to hesitate, now it looks as if he will say equal to Yes. The amygdala can feel come threats and provides – without that our thinking brain involved is lightning fast for the appropriate response -: panicked escape, dose attack or atemloses setting. All this is done below the threshold of perception of our consciousness by stress hormones. We feel only the result: anxiety or fear, anger or rage, hesitation and Zagen depending. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Alina de Almeida. The amygdala our risk radar the amygdala (Mandelkern), a pairwise existing structure of the limbic system, is so our neural risk ‘. She is also responsible for the emotional coloring of information. Receives and processes impulses from all sensory systems. With everything that does not match the power of the usual, turn on alarm.