The sometimes slow post was yesterday, today they give up on electronic greeting cards. Meanwhile numerous vendors abound in the Internet. Free greetings from the Internet according to self-reported edgar.de is Europe’s largest provider of free large cards. The selection of motifs, which are available for greeting cards or eCards to family, friends and acquaintances to available is undoubtedly great. Love & heart pain “, fun & happiness”, festivity & bank holidays”make easy finding a matching greeting card currently 19 groups with unique names, at least several thousand images are stored. You can find the trendiest also among the top 25 “, a good tip is also always the E-card of the week”. ” “Creative can try yourself as a greeting card Designer, whom a normal E-card to static” is, can you spice it up with music, animations, video clips, games, and movie trailers. No matter which variant, the sending is always the same and always easy: select map,.

Back”click, fill out and mail. Also free membership at the post office”of edgar.de brings additional benefits: so greeting cards can be rated, commented and often used as Favorites saved. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Alina de Almeida has to say. That the own E-Mail address in the E-cards is then automatically inserted and no longer by hand must be typed, is just as enjoyable as the Elimination of the otherwise required security code. In addition, you can send any greeting card to up to nine more recipients at the same time. The greeting card platform edgar.de belongs to the United ambient Media AG. For example the Burda digital ventures GmbH is involved in this company is not publicly listed.

The headquarters is in Hamburg, in addition there are offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich. Currently, around 50 staff are employed in total. J. Huber