Cooking Power

Glass-ceramic hob glass ceramic panel made of glass-ceramic SMEG Suprema and framed by polished edges or frame of stainless steel. SMEG offers a new solution for glass-ceramic panels, namely, that they can now be built flush. Under the surface of the ceramic high power cooking zones. Infrared burner operated by touch-sensitive buttons, or an electronically controlled heated stand in the area of cooking utensils. Cooking on Glass-glass-ceramic cooktops work differently than induction.

When cooking in a classic glass-ceramic panels are not dishes and highly powerful cooking area is heated by a long, until it reaches the electron-set temperature. When choosing a dish for Cooking does not exist any restriction in the choice of the material from which it is made. They should be made of metal or heat-resistant ceramics. And in the glass ceramic panels are zones of varying thickness and there also exists the possibility to choose different levels of cooking. The minimum power is 0.80 kW, it is enough to heat food or boil easily, the maximum capacity for frying is 2.40 kW. Comfort and safety Cooking area with controlled temperature (depending on model) – this is unparalleled cooking surface SMEG.Zond under each cooking area measures the temperature and adjusts the power supply. It means that a given value of the corresponding cooking zone remains constant, regardless of the location for its pottery.

This ensures fast boiling without intervals and temperatures above 620 C. After 7 minutes the temperature automatically reduced to 600 C. Unlike conventional glass-ceramic cooking surfaces are significant energy savings. Other compelling benefits of the equipment are the following SMEG convenience Use: Energy class 'A' blocking power supply button, quick-cooking "P", depending on the cooking zone, the indicator level of cooking. In addition, the glass ceramic panel to have your security guard of children (automatic or manual lock heating power), the timer 1 – 99 minutes for each cooking zone and the overheating sensor that automatically turns off the cooking zone.