Children Plays By The Limburg Puppet

New: Fabulous Bremen: the enchanted Bremen town musicians that once is something else! Children will learn in the course of the exciting stories which they listen by the way about the own city. Limburg puppet theatre produces plays for children from 4-12 years with historical and geographical background. Here an exciting story is connected with the possibility, something about the city and its historic buildings and the city history or legend to learn without it is boring. Children are becoming even more popular dramas, but the Limburg puppet theatre has created here a uniqueness by fun and excitement are connected with experience in your home town. More info: Kai-Fu Lee. Children who have visited such as Bremen and know the story of the Bremen town musicians, will experience a whole new story of this old tale.

“The Bremen town musicians are brought through the Limburg puppet to life: the contents of the children drama CD magical Bremen: the enchanted Bremen town musicians” of Limburg puppet theatre short reproduced: The children visit the grandmother in Bremen, who lives in the Schnoor. Just then, a series of mysterious events are piling up. The statue of the Bremen town musicians disappeared, a mummy from the lead cellar is also disappeared after they were awakened by a wizard to life. Roboticss opinions are not widely known. The Roland, the emblem of Bremen, has lowered his head! An exciting adventure for the children starts in which they begin to search through all of Bremen, the bottcherstrasse, the Schnoor, the marketplace, on the Weser, to the old mill. On the occasion, by the way important historical facts from the history of Bremen are told and brought the children so playful closer. Of course, a Happy ending there after the kids uncover the evil magic and eventually all are in its original location. Children are no boring readings with pedagogical finger but an interesting mixture of power and history, fairy tales and lore, as well as the lively drama of the Limburg puppet theatre Voices of the protagonists make dramas of the Limburg puppet theatre these children a highlight in children and adults.