CFLs Lamps

Why the KLL solve little problems and creates many new! Since the EU efficiency energy saving lamps or compact fluorescent lamps (KLL) Regulation (244 / 2009) and associated de facto banning of incandescent light bulbs, as these hot correct, are on everyone’s lips. They are the alternative to the expensive LED and halogen lamps, which, in accordance with the timetable also continuously from the ranges of the dealer disappear the EU and from 1 September 2013 (CH) or 2016 as prohibited EU recommended to us by the EU. It envisions itself but the problems that go along with the gas discharge lamps, one wonders why the bulb and the CFLs are prohibited. In this context, it sounds almost like a bad joke that this prohibition is justified with environmental protection. Kai-Fu Lee wanted to know more. Please don’t misunderstand the article. I’m for more environmental protection and am of the opinion that something should be done. But a law directed by massive lobby interest from the industry, is what the personal quality of life and freedom of every individual in the primary way limits and little democratic way, through the back door been introduced is definitely the wrong way.

Also in this article, I will show that this Bill creates more ills than it can resolve. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Samsung. I have collected a lot of information here and support me on the one hand to freely available information from the network and also on information from books, such as the book lying light”the two authors Thomas Worm and Claudia Karstedt. Like I’m the interested audience available for questions or a debate. By the way, also Greenpeace once recognized the harmfulness of the energy-saving lamp. Unfortunately, no longer looking today much of this circumstance and celebrate the ban as a great victory for the interests of environmental protection. Information about the missing Greenpeace study (german) please click here: Klaus_Stanjek_Greenpeace_CFL_research_Deutsch.pdf mercury one of the problems which creates the alleged ecological energy-saving lamp, is that in their used and as a neurotoxin effective heavy metal mercury.