Brushes Bosch – Wipers

Recognised high quality Bosch Wiper manifested in the excellent cleaning glass and longevity of use. Innovative technology wiper Bosch guarantees the best visibility on the road and the maximum reliability. Today, more and more manufacturers equip their cars on the assembly line brushes from the company bosch – ranging from the Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 407 to Maybach (Daimler-Chrysler). Wipers "Aerotvin" with a two-component synthetic rubber tape (hence the Name Twin – double), as well as traditional brush twin with clasp system, have won Test series in 2003. In the test car magazines, such as adac Motorwelt, Autobild, Auto Motor and Sport, brush Aerotvin occupied the first place. This is not accidental – as and in other areas of automotive engineering, the firm bosch many decades is a leading manufacturer of brushes and the wiper systems due to its innovation policy. The first windshield wipers with electric drive, which appeared on the market in 1926, defined the subsequent technical development.

For example, the firm bosch first time in 1971 launched its windshield wipers with intermittent mode of operation, and in 1994 – a two-component rubber for wiper blades twin. In 1999 appeared a universal adapter QUICK-CLIP and new windshield wipers "Aerotvin, and in 2001 – reversing drive wiper. Since 2004, a further innovative move by bosch has anti-friction rubber coating for all wiper blades twin, which increases the comfort of clean glass, including those for partially dry glass surface. Both working surface of a rubber lining wiper firms have thickness from 10 to 15 thousandths of a millimeter. Nevertheless, designers Bosch impose these very thin rubber parts such requirements to the tests for wear withstand 50,000 strokes.

Brush wiper at the same time passes the distance of 900 km and cleans the surface area equal to 67 football fields. Rubber parts wiper blades when operating at increased wear. Therefore, in order to always have clean glass and good visibility, it is recommended to regularly change the brush. When using brushes, Bosch it takes only a few minutes and hand movements. Bosch, as a leading manufacturer in this sector of the market, offers a program of 200 different types of wiper blades for cars and trucks. There is also an extensive selection of wiper blades headlights and rear windows of cars. Bosch was first in the world has launched two-layer brush 'TWIN', the working part of which consists of two different kinds of rubber. Microscopic double working edge brush from durable natural rubber for a long time provides good quality of cleaning glass, and soft synthetic rubber, which is made from rubber base brush, helps them particularly smooth operation.