Bolivarian Revolution

Carlos Mora Vanegas seems that the adults have forgotten that we were once children, who as infants of this new generation, demandabamos tenderness, understanding and protection. Concerned and in individual countries in this planet earth in different scenarios are mistreating the child, he explodes and most embarrassing, sexually abused them, makes them pawns of war. It criticized the fact that even though so much about the benefits, progress of the XXI century, we live, we are engaged in a human jungle, where he is killed, abused exploited the weak, children, the generation of relay , look at these creatures imbued with tenderness, joys, sorrows, yes. these creatures of innocence as children. Today, they are being exploited because they do not like defense, abusing them physically and morally, they are used to satisfy carnal desires, typical of people who have polluted the soul with evil, degenerate, sexual aberrations, are exploited for the market with his tenderness and innocence, begging a lismona. A related site: Mikkel Svane mentions similar findings. We adults, we are so busy in ourselves, to satisfy our ego, our lust, lust for power and all those vices that we have undergone thousands of years, that draws our attention to what is happening to our children.

They have raised facts disgusting, repulsive, rape, abuse, death to wake up from this slumber we have submitted the affluent society with all its networks and web of deceit and illusions, to realize that our human species itself is sick, contaminated torn apart in their values, that does not even respect the lives of infants, children defenseless l neglecting duty to care, since it is easier to achieve the petty pleasures through them. The Venezuelan government declaring Socialist and protector of children, according to the principles of the Bolivarian Revolution decreed, must take serious measures against this problem, be aware that every day increases the child population homeless, abandoned by their parents, sleep in the streets, outdoors, thanks to the thugs, who, as parasites, birds of prey feed on these innocent, this product is the result of a moment of pleasure just to satisfy a desire regardless of result. The government with its laws, should be punished without exception those who spitefully take advantage of their circumstances. Punishing the whole weight of the law to rapists, sexual sadists and those who abuse and mistreat children, all that the articles provide. Should pay more attention to the generation of relief, is the generation that will be committed to ensure our democracy, development, peace, harmony, for it must be vigilant, take care, educate them, feed them in a healthy atmosphere and authentic moral values, social, psychological.

It is not enough that the rights of children are referred to in the Protection of Minors Act, but actually being complied with and punishing crimes. It is also necessary to highlight children's rights, as manifested by the United Nations on November 20, 1059, that between one of its highlights the law to special protection for their physical, mental and social as well as the right to understand and love by parents and society. Do not forget that the child has the right to enjoy food, housing, recreation and medical services. It behooves us to be guarantors of the welfare of children, let no more abuse and undertake all actions necessary to protect them and ensure a future generation of health and moral values in an atmosphere free from pollution that threatens the virtues and the true values the human being.