Biometric Systems

An access control, using biometric systems, is established in order to identify people, analyzing their individual characteristics, until they enter a site in particular. With the use of this strategy it boasts a more effective than traditional methods of security tool. Previous access control systems used passwords or credentials that could be lost, pilfered, duplicate or intentionally borrowed. Using biometric devices eliminates these problems, because biometric indicators of a person are unique, they may not be rendered, cloned, lost or stolen and only its owner can make use of them. Despite the advantages of biometric systems, on many occasions, these are used in the company of complementary security systems, with the aim of establishing better access controls. Thus, systems that combine several security strategies, like those who analyze a digital fingerprint and iris can be found. Is also possible to connect the biometric devices; to security systems such as alarms or closed circuit television.

A fingerprint access control is sufficient to be able to grant a person admission to some guarded place. In addition, fingerprint readers are systems that people respond with doubt. Many people do not feel comfortable using eye patterns readers, mainly because they believe that these use lasers that can be harmful to the view. This is totally false, but it is a fact that a fingerprint scanner is less alarming than one Iris or retina. In some places, as stated above, combine several methods. Thus, it is possible to see in some places of extreme security, persons entering them, is them passed pon an analysis of fingerprints and one eye patterns or facial features.

What is sought in these cases is to avoid false acceptance and false rejection rates resulting in lethal errors. Such fees are present on all biometric systems and therefore becomes required the adoption of strategies to prevent them from being a problem. One way of doing this is by combining methods. Access control, which uses biometric systems, is a strategy that can be very useful in any place running. However, to take the best advantage of biometrics, the best is using it in the company of other security methods.