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The arrival of a dog at home is always very exciting since it happens to be one member of the family, but is given a warm welcome, it is equally necessary, as any new Member of the family, learning how to train a dog at home. In this article I will describe how to train a dog at home and present a simple guide to resolve one of the most important problems, and it is also one of the first with which we find ourselves: when the dog goes to the bathroom. As a first step, we must prepare an appropriate environment for the dog. The set of things that we need to be able to properly accommodate our mascot – a proper Doghouse: comfortable and warm. It is important that it is safe for the dog, if we decided to do it ourselves must take care not have sharp corners or something that can hurt the dog. -A bowl with clean water that you can drink. -Some toys to chew. There are several methods to teach the dog to not dirty in the House at this early stage of his life: training with cage not is so cruel as it sounds, but it is necessary to keep the puppy in his cage about 1 hour until we take it to the place that we devote to make their needs.

This cage can be a travel cage, or one a little bigger. Important thing is that we will use your instinct, since it is a burrowing animal, won’t want to mess his cage if he sees it as a place of rest. We can keep the cage with us as we work in the room. train a dog at home with paper while it is not the optimal way of training the dog to not mess in the House, it will be us useful if we live in a small cottage without land patio and we cannot draw it at least three times a day to make your needs. It is preparing a room with floor wallpaper with at least four layers of newspaper. Way of getting the puppy to relieve himself on the role, is periodically degraded the surface covered with foil. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks. Workshop reviews Systematic, my vision Balloon Juice Blog Archive I could throw that speedball by because they deliver the cock more cock to the doghouse Daily Via free Daayen already Baayen: Worth A Watch Do Owlrly? Do already? Lolcats n Funny Pictures of Cats I Can Has Cheezburger?