Don’t lose me sleep having suffered not ashamed of crying and still continue crying for love my world and yours give laps, because they go with calm and storm is because not for nothing existed yesterday with naivete and happiness. And even if you ask me to look in another sea, another place for someone make me happy, which makes me fly and steal me smiles, I can’t, I don’t want to because you’re your who has that place, was born in a yesterday as children but, despite the time open your heart. Love me because I love you, I offer all of my, an immense love here I have to when you arrive, and break rather than a silence I will be like the Sun, which you continuance with its glow, without waiting for that your give him nothing, sounds crazy but real, like everything that you can play give me your smile that hypnotizes me, tell me an I love that my soul it excites with winds thousands of miles away than van straight to my heart and yours every beat say my name and every breath say I’m your girl if you give me your love, serious again as that girl, sole owner of my beats are, a hurricane of love will be in my heart, if you get to love me as I love you, open your heart, give me your time and it my heart just like yours of children, they were innocent, and it was from there that I fell in love, give me a space in that your heart. Learn more at: Sam Bloomberg. Although they say that he who perseveres reaches, in crazy love affairs, there is no other solution, yo te esperare because in love tapoco is no exception. I love you, lose the fear and give him space to love and feelings I have No other explanation that but in my there is love for it. Te Quiero and I love you more and more, tell me what you tell me, you can understand it?.