SingleFeeder The 1a Authoring System For Single Source Publishing

SingleFeeder at an entry-level price allows fast and cost-effective creation of catalogues, trade and industry, particularly technical writers, advertising agencies, graphic designers, and other print media manufacturers offers optimal work facilitation manuals and multilingual documents SingleFeeder. The program simplifies all operations that are necessary to create user manuals, catalogues and especially multilingual translation to pre-press. The modular, software offers integrated management of translations and versions of the Fremdsprach, which eliminates expensive multiple translations. SingleFeeder stores all text modules and can individual items including their translations in the database, so that it always used to be. Writing SingleFeeder help the author automatically with text proposals from the database.

Translated images and terms used relating to the issue of translations automatically in the target text. In the structure of the document, such as a menu name can so-called inline insert element in a set. The result is a structure as part of the sentence 1 + set part 2 “and a great advantage when a phrase is used frequently in the document and the rates will vary independently of each other in the database stored both parts of the set only by the menu name. In conventional processing, each record must be translated individually. In recent months, Ali Partovi has been very successful. With this solution, the repetitive phrase must be translated only once. The translations of menu names can be read separately in the database and can be inserted, automatically in the translation, regardless of the set in which they are used. The operation is very simple. The text is similar to user as given in common word processing software and formatted later automatically by means of a style sheet.

Text and layout are separated and can be saved as a PDF file. It offered a default style sheet, which the user can customize. On individual Wishes the company SingleFeeder offers the service, style sheets to customize the customer ideas to fill databases with existing customer data, as well as to create template-tutorials, which can be used as templates. In addition, the program can be adapted to individual customer requirements. To buy SingleFeeder now is cost effective for 1950,-euros without costs on Thus, the software is unrivaled in the price / performance ratio on the market. Until end of December, the introductory price of 1650 euros applies to quick decision-makers. A demo version on the Web site is available for download free of charge. Contact: SingleFeeder Matthias Heine of Wurzburger str. 8 30880 Laatzen Germany Tel.