What We Missed in Our Leaders

What do you really know about our leaders? We die of want to know what they know to learn exactly how to track and, ideally, to emulate. Perhaps you can name the leaders at the forefront of their industry or profession. Maybe you think you might be more successful if you could be more like them, then you study their work, purchase their books and may seek to remain in their organizations. Even when you have studied everything you can about them and think you understand the keys to its success, you do not know. Is there anything else you should do.

Your search for excellence is a noble journey. Unfortunately, the road often leads to frustration rather insane triumphant success when seemingly small things are overlooked. Sometimes just a simple thing is the key to solving the barriers of performance that have been holding, allowing finally achieve their goals with greater ease. This has taught or has been for decades and that learning was the common path to mastery of a profession or art. Today the school is the conventional answer, with knowledge distributed via conference rooms, online courses and e-mail exchanges with teachers.

Connections are occasional and not very personal. Today we are more isolated from people who have to learn. The technology makes it easy for leaders to protect and maintain their personal space distance learners. Yes, we learn, but we do not learn enough. We do not learn the important part. No matter how carefully we listen to what others say, no matter how closely we look at what they do, our imitation is imperfect because I do not understand why they do what they do.