EASYDENTIC: Team ORECA Matmut Participates In

EASYDENTIC supports the team to pilot Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval Mannheim in October 2009 – the team ORECA Matmut, where also the security company EASYDENTIC participates as a sponsor, takes part 1000 km race from Okayama in Japan on 31 October and on 1 November in the. The race takes place in the framework of the establishment of the Asian Le Mans Series by the ACO instead of model are the Le Mans-Championships in the United States and Europe. On the occasion of this historic premiere, also the team ORECA Matmut supported by EASYDENTIC shows presence. EASYDENTIC engaged long time in car racing and was able to celebrate some success with the ORECA team. The ORECA 01 cars will be on the official poster of the event to the Okayama 1000 km race. The goal of the team ORECA Matmut, supported by EASYDENTIC is an ideal preparation for the Le Mans 24-hour race in 2010.

In preparation for this traditional races in the French Le Mans it belongs to so many, with the participation of new Championships and races before the season break Experience as possible. According to the team ORECA Matmut EASYDENTIC partner is a strategy that is successful. This race in Okayama offers its pilots the team ORECA Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval again the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Lapierre had one outstanding season behind him and Duval again reinforced the team ORECA Matmut after taking part in the 24-hour race of Le Mans 2008 and after his victory in the formula NIPPON 2009 the Japanese equivalent to the GP2 series in Europe according to EASYDENTIC. The Le Mans Series, the Okayama 1000 km race held in its frame, enjoys in Asia in General and Japan in particular greatest notoriety. Therefore, it is very important to be at this event, the front for the team ORECA Matmut EASYDENTIC partner. EASYDENTIC has set a goal together with the ORECA team: EASYDENTIC wants to take over the leadership in the field of security systems in 2010, the racing team wants to put in Le Mans at the top.