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The right to communicate with senior management levels is reserved for the manager. The authority of a leadership position automatically gives that occupies it. No manager can be sure unless he takes the final decisions. The concession of power to subordinates since this diminishes the power of the administrator. The administrator should know more than their subordinates about what is happening.

This according to the dynamic and changing reality in the economic scenario requires a real integration of the working group, of a highly trained, motivated, identified with the organization and certainly as cited Farley, consider that happiness people of the company is not a goal for this, nor a goal sociological self. But the biggest thing is that most people will find their happiness and self-organization in a participatory rather than a traditional organization, but it is also true, that they feel more deeply their failure. Moreover, this approach should enable the organization to operate with a considerable smaller number of person that we occupy, the cost of operations should download and upload individual economic rewards. In order to achieve excellent work, do not forget to take into account the following: Consider the right people, prepared, trained with experience commensurate with the boss about their functions, which permeated all members that define them clearly the responsibilities, authority, reliability Evaluate and improve performance in terms of job requirements, job advancement and troubleshooting to determine the strength of development, overall potential, specific, acquired, demonstrated, provide growth and program development, individual and group programs, analyze and solve problems. It is further recommended not to neglect the theory of group work, which is based on anything that gives the best results in the existing theory of the organization. Details can be found by clicking technology investor or emailing the administrator.

Uses in its totality all the tools of scientific management, cost accounting, technology or otherwise. This includes: 1 .- The elimination of waste and inefficiencies through functionalization, simplification of work and related processes and the establishment of specific work goals. 2 .- Measurement of the work has been carried out and a continued examination of the extent to which it is achieving its goals. 3 .- budgets, cost accounting and cost controls. Under the theory of the group, however, these resources are used differently based on a different set of motivational assumptions, and logic or philosophy different from that in which they are using traditional themes. The theory of group means, obtaining the highest possible level of motivation. Such reasoning not only includes economic reasons, but reasons of ego, and also consider the desire for significant growth and achievement from the point of view of our values and goals as well as the desire for prestige, recognition, approval and acceptance Conclusions A non- be effective unless it can fully motivate its members and subsequently use, coordinate and manage successfully its efforts to achieve these two essential factors: affective interaction at all levels of the organization and a mutual influence in determining goals, objectives, plans and courses of action.